Supporting your forearms can help take weight off your shoulders and neck. If you are using a keyboard tray, try to line up your armrest with your mouse so that you can support your forearm while using the mouse. You can lower or remove your armrests if they prevent you from pulling in close to your workstation.


Armrest Positioning


Ideal Armrest Positioning:

  • Support forearms with elbows ~900
  • Shoulders relaxed
  • Armrests should not prevent you from pulling in close to your workstation
  • Armrests that can be adjusted sideways are preferable


The rotating picture above illustrates the differences with the armrests too high as compared to one that is at the correct height.


  • Shoulder hiking leads to strained muscles
  • Awkward reach for mouse which promotes wrist extension

Fix It:

  • Lower armrests (support forearms with elbows at 900 & roughly equal to mouse height), or
  • Raise mouse


If the armrests prevent you from pulling in close to your workstation, check if the armrests can be adjusted forwards and backwards. If not, then either lower or remove the armrests.

Check if your armrests can to adjusted laterally. On some chairs there is a knob under the chair that can be loosened to allow the armrests to be pulled in or out.