Pipetting & Sitting


Poor Ergonomics. Sitting and Twisting

MSI Risks

  • Insufficient leg space results in twisting and extended reaching
  • Poor posture is a risk factor for musculoskeletal injury and also increases the risks of spill and errors.



Improved ergonomics. Sufficient Leg Space

Improved Ergonomics

  • Sufficient leg space to pull into work bench
  • Seat raised (bench height just below elbow height)
  • Adjust foot ring: feet supported with knees at 90 degrees
  • Use backrest and adjust height as needed
  • Adjust height of work bench if possible



Improved Ergonomics. Elbow Pad

Improved Ergonomics

  • Supporting the arm improves stability (i.e. less risk of spilling)
  • Use elbow pad (reduce pressure point at elbow)
  • Arrange workspace: frequently used items within elbow’s reach
  • Use low profile garbage bin for tips



Alternative Option. Saddle Stool

Alternative Options- Saddle Stool

If achieving optimal is not possible then consider using a saddle stool to minimize the negative effects of twisting and leaning forward (note: this is not ideal but is better than sitting and twisting as pictured at the top of the page)


Pipettes provided courtesy of ThermoFisher. Wells provided courtesy of VWR International.