Workplace Health

We’re committed to ensuring that our UBC workplaces are safe, healthy and respectful, and we offer many programs and resources to keep you healthy at work.


Preventing workplace-related injuries or illnesses is a top priority. Our Ergonomics team has compiled extensive resources to help you minimize the risk of injuries at work.

Occupational and Preventive Health Program

Depending on your job at UBC, you may need to enrol in our Occupational and Preventive Health Program. We offer services tailored to individual needs, which can include immunization reviews, occupational health screenings, support services for BC’s respiratory protection program and pregnancy planning resources.

Accidents at Work

If you do have an accident or injury at work, you must report this within 24 hours. Our team at Workplace Health Services is here to help, from coordinating any required claims with WorkSafeBC to connecting you to support and programs to help you return to productive and safe work duties.

Stay at Work/Return to Work Program

The Stay at Work/Return to Work Program provides injured or ill UBC faculty and staff with information and services. This program offers employees the support they need to keep working or return to work while managing a medical impairment or disability.

Healthy Workplaces Initiatives Fund

Have an idea for how you can make your workplace more healthy? The Healthy Workplaces Initiatives Fund provides funding and support for health-related and sustainable initiatives proposed by departments. You and your colleagues could apply for funding to run an ongoing yoga class, work in a community garden or pursue other initiatives.

Workplace Wellbeing Ambassador Program 

The Workplace Wellbeing Ambassadors are volunteers  (WWAs) who play a key strategic role at UBC, supporting the Human Resources – Health, Wellbeing, & Benefits team in their effort to embed wellbeing and wellbeing practices within UBC workplaces.

Safety on Campus

Your personal safety on campus is very important to us. Learn more about the programs we have in place to minimize risk.


We are also committed to supporting our employees’ mental health. UBC Thrive is a week-long event focusing on mental health, and also represents a commitment to encouraging us all to make mental health a priority throughout the year.

Breastfeeding Friendly Spaces

UBC has designated breastfeeding-friendly spaces at the Vancouver campus for parents seeking a quiet space to breastfeed their child.