Virtual Health Fair & Online Assessments

Not able to attend the Travelling Health Fair? Visit our virtual health fair instead. Below you will find over 20 different screenings, tools and resources to help you assess your current health status and make improvements towards a healthier self.

Heart Health

Mental Health

  • Mental Health Meter: Reflect on your unique strengths and identify areas where your level of mental fitness could be improved to help you cope with all of life’s up and downs.
  • What’s your Stress Index? The habits, attitudes and signs that can alert us to problems may be hard to recognize because they have become so familiar. Find your stress level right now by completing this test.
  • Stress Strategies: A decision-making tool for building and action plan to help reduce and manage stress.
  • Mental Wellbeing Screening Test: BC Partners for Mental Health and Addictions offers an anonymous online screening for overall mental wellbeing.
  • Your Mental Health Checkup: This confidential questionnaire screens for potential addictions, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, various types of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Mental Health Screening: This is a quick and anonymous way to find out if you should consider connecting with a family doctor or mental health professional.
  • Mood FX: UBC’s eHealth Strategy Office and the Mood Disorders Centre offer an interactive app designed to help people with depression and low mood feel better through symptom screenings and tracking, appointment logs, mood monitoring and resource links.
  • Depression Screening Test: BC Partners for Mental Health and Addictions offers an anonymous online screening for depression.
  • Anxiety Disorders Screening Test: BC Partners for Mental Health and Addictions offers an anonymous online screening for anxiety.
  • Risky Drinking Screening Test:The University of Victoria’s Centre for Addictions Research of BC provides an online Alcohol Reality Check.
  • Stress and Depression Risk Assessments (Sunlife): You must have a ‘mysunlife’ account. Log in and click on the ‘Wellness Centre’.

Physical Health

Lung Health

Financial Health

Complementary &Holistic Medicine

Considering Complementary Medicine?
Clinics, organizations and practitioners that UBC Health and Wellbeing has used in the past include:

Spiritual &Emotional Health

  • What is Mindfulness? Understand how to use mindfulness in your life to assist with your personal wellbeing goals.  Find out about upcoming training and support programs.

Health Resources on Your Smartphone

  • 30 Days Challenge: Free app from the Heart and Stroke Foundation designed to provide information and support to reduce risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • Waterlogged: A free app that helps you track your daily water intake and will even remind you to hydrate throughout the day with an alarm that sounds like running water.
  • Mindshift: A free app from Anxiety BC designed to help teens and young adults cope better with anxiety.
  • Sworkit: Create personalized workouts based on interest, equipment, time and level.  Includes custom videos to help support you in your goals.
  • My Fitness Pal: A free app designed to make tracking calories and daily exercise easy!
  • My EAP app: UBC’s EFAP provider, Shepell has a mobile app with information, support and practical solutions for work, health and life.

Free Online Resources

If you like learning about your health on your own time, in your own way, then is for you. Find free access to articles, advice and learning opportunities through UBC’s Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) provider, Shepell.

Last updated: January 2018