CAMMPUS Cardiovascular Health Assessment Program

Cardiovascular Assessment and Medication Management by Pharmacists at the UBC Site (CAMMPUS) is a unique multi-year collaboration between the UBC Pharmacists Clinic and UBC HR’s Health, Wellbeing & Benefits. The CAMMPUS project focuses on improving the cardiovascular heart health of UBC Vancouver faculty and staff. It is also the first prospective study of its kind to demonstrate the benefit of pharmacists in a Canadian workplace-based, cardiovascular disease risk reduction program.

Research Findings

After completing data analysis and evaluation, the findings of the CAMMPUS study suggest that when employees receive preventive health services from a pharmacist, they are more knowledgeable about their health, understand their health information, feel more confident and are empowered to make lifestyle changes that will improve their cardiovascular health.

This article provides more details about the CAMMPUS research findings.

Thank you to all the UBC Vancouver faculty and staff who participated and made time to prioritize their cardiovascular health.


In the fall of 2019, the 178 participants who participated in the initial study were invited to receive a check-in appointment, and anyone meeting elevated risk criteria were offered an additional 12 months of pharmacist-led service. The objectives of CAMMPUS 2.0 are to see how many participants were able to maintain their new health habits post-study, and learn about the motivation and goal-setting process people use to make health choices that lower their cardiovascular risk.


The idea for CAMMPUS formed in 2014 when UBC Human Resources’ Health, Wellbeing & Benefits unit partnered with the UBC Pharmacists Clinic to offer heart health assessments at the annual UBC Travelling Health Fair. Employees were eager to learn about their own health and, through this event, a proportion of employees were identified as having higher risk for future problems than expected or recommended.

CAMMPUS was launched in 2015. Between August 2015 and October 2016, 512 UBC Vancouver faculty and staff were offered a confidential, 30-minute cardiovascular risk assessment administered by a registered pharmacist (or registered pharmacy student under pharmacist supervision). Of the employees initially assessed, 205 with elevated risk volunteered to receive up to 12 months of standardized service designed to reduce heart health risk and guide improved health through customized care plans. Of the 205 participants, 178 (86.8%) completed the study. Twenty-seven participants (13.2%) withdrew for a variety of reasons.

Service costs were 100% covered by UBC’s extended health benefits plan and available at no cost to the employee.

About cardiovascular disease in Canada:

  • Cardiovascular disease is the name for health problems that affect the heart and blood vessels. It includes heart attacks, stroke (in the brain) and angina (chest pain)
  • As of 2013, according to Health Canada, more than 1.37 million Canadians have cardiovascular disease
  • Every 7 minutes in Canada, someone dies from heart disease or stroke

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