Living Well

What does it mean to live well? What small shifts in our behaviour can we make to improve our overall wellbeing? What can we do to create happier, healthier and more sustainable campus communities?

Explore the many resources and programs available to support you in living well, on and off campus.

Physical Wellbeing

Increasing physical activity by moving more and sitting less leads to many health benefits.  Check out our resources and get inspired to move more or ramp up your fitness.

Mental Health

UBC recognizes the key role that positive mental health plays in the workplace, as well as its impact on professional performance, productivity and respectful environments.  Discover programs and trainings aimed at increasing mental health literacy and decreasing stigma.

Nutritional Health

Eating well is as important to your overall health as taking the time to be physically active and engage in activities that support your mental wellbeing.  Explore healthy and nutritious recipes, tips and more.