Health Contacts Weekly

Are you interested in learning more about health and wellbeing at UBC? Or are you interested in spreading health and wellbeing news to your colleagues? If so UBC Health, Wellbeing and Benefits invites you to become a UBC Health Contact.

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What do Health Contacts do?

Health Contacts receive a weekly email from UBC Health Wellbeing and Benefits. Each email contains up-to-the-minute information on free workshops, fitness discounts, on-and off-campus offers; and much more for UBC staff and faculty.

What do Health Contact emails look like?

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What do I do with these emails?

Simply spread the word! Either via email to your office or campus colleagues, by word of mouth; or by displaying promotional posters that may be attached to the emails.

What about the Healthy UBC Newsletter?

Its a team effort! Weekly Health Contact emails work in partnership with the monthly Healthy UBC Newsletter. We want all UBC staff and faculty to have the most exciting and up-to-date information regarding health happenings and opportunities – so get signed up and be a health hero!

To learn more about becoming a UBC Health Contact, contact