Postdoctoral Fellows (Award Recipients): Benefit Eligibility, Start Date and Cost

The benefits you are eligible for as a postdoctoral fellow award recipient depend on:

  • the length and type of your appointment,
  • whether your appointment is at least 50% appointment and you meet salary requirements,
  • whether you receive funding directly from a source external to UBC or are paid by UBC, and
  • your age at your date of hire.

Before you enrol in your benefits package, please review the table below to identify the Faculty Enrolment Package that applies to you. Click on the link to familiarize yourself with:

  • the benefits you are eligible for,
  • whether these benefits are mandatory or optional,
  • the date that each benefit will become effective, and
  • the monthly cost of each benefit.

Once you have decided which of the optional benefits you want to sign up for, please complete the UBC Benefits Sign-On Session to  enrol for benefits and sign up for payroll. You will need the enrolment code listed at the bottom of this page to complete this session. Your Benefits Enrolment Code is also included on your Letter of Offer.

Eligibility requirements

The normal eligibility requirements for benefits are:

If you receive funding directly from a source external to UBC, you must also provide proof of award and earnings to your Supervisor and have a valid Canadian Social Insurance Number in addition to meeting the above criteria.

Click on the Faculty Enrolment Package that applies to you to learn more about your benefits.

Source of Earnings I meet eligibility requirements 1-4 I meet eligibility requirements 1-3, and I was hired between NRD and age 71 I do not meet the eligibility requirements
Earnings received from UBC FEP004 FEP004 FEP007
Earnings received from a source external to UBC FEP012 FEP012 FEP008