Tenure Clocks Extensions and Study Leave Eligibility

Tenure Clock Extensions

Maternity or Parental Leave

When you go on maternity leave, the length of your pre-tenure appointment will be extended by one year, unless you inform your Head in writing that you do not wish the pre-tenure period extended.  If you are only going on parental leave, you must inform your Head in writing of the change in your family status and request the extension at the earliest possible date but no later than 6 months after the child is born or placed with you for the purpose of adoption.

Sick Leave

If you are unable to perform your duties because of illness or injury, the University and the Faculty Association agree to consider whether, in the circumstance of each case, your period of pre-tenure appointment should be extended.

Please submit your written request for a tenure clock extension to your head of academic unit. If your head approves the request, your head will seek approval from the Dean or equivalent position, who will then seek approval from the Provost.  The Provost will work with Faculty Relations (Vancouver campus) or Human Resources (Okanagan campus) to seek approval from the Faculty Association.

Disability Leave

If you are on full disability leave and on IRP benefits, your tenure clock is automatically frozen. The tenure clock will restart upon your return to work, whether full- or part-time.  If your return to work is part-time, your tenure clock will be pro-rated. Requests for further tenure clock extensions can be made by following the process noted above for sick leaves.

Study Leave Eligibility

For study leaves beginning on or after July 1, 2006, up to six months of a sick, maternity and/or parental leave will be considered full-time service for the purpose of study leave eligibility.

Where a member takes maternity and parental leave, up to 27 weeks with SUB top up will be considered full-time service for the purpose of study leave eligibility.