Leaves for Personal Matters

You may need to take a leave to attend to various personal matters – from attending jury duty to running for political office. Some of these leaves are paid and others are unpaid.

Jury or court witness duty leave

You are eligible for a paid leave of absence if you are required by law to serve as a juror or witness in any court. You must remit any payment from the Crown to your departmental office.

If you are appearing as a plaintiff or defendant in a civil or criminal action, you will be granted a leave of absence without pay.

If you are faculty and you have been called for jury selection, please contact Faculty Relations for assistance.

Special leave

For BCGEU Okanagan auxiliary employees only, you are entitled to three days of paid leave in a calendar year for any or all of the circumstances listed below:

  • birth or adoption of your child,
  • serious household or domestic emergency,
  • attendance at your citizenship hearing,
  • court appearance for your child,
  • wedding of your child, and
  • moving your household furniture and effects (maximum of one day for each move).

Personal emergency leave

For CUPE 2950 employees only, you are eligible for up to one day of paid leave per year to deal with a personal emergency, provided you immediately notify your department head.

Citizenship leave

For CUPE 2950 and CUPE 116 employees only, you are eligible for time off with pay to process your Canadian citizenship application. BCGEU Okanagan auxiliary employees are eligible for paid time off as part of their Special Leave (see above). This does not apply to permanent staff of the UBC Aquatic Centre.

Deferred salary leave

If you are a member of the Administrative Executive or Management & Professional employee groups, you can defer a portion of your salary, up to a maximum of 33%, to finance an extended leave of absence of up to one year. To apply, complete and submit the Deferred Salary Leave Plan Application Form.

Military leave

For CUPE 2950 employees required to attend military training courses, you may take half of the time as a paid leave of absence and half as a deduction from your holidays.

Leave to take political office

You can take an unpaid leave if you are running for political office if you are a member of faculty, an academic executive or a member of BCGEU Okanagan.

If you are a faculty member or academic executive, you can take an unpaid leave if you are running for election to public office, provided this does not create serious difficulties for your colleagues or students. See Policy HR2 – Political Leave (formerly Policy #50) for information on the conditions of your leave if you are elected to office.

If you are a member of BCGEU Okanagan and you have been nominated as a candidate for election at the federal, provincial or municipal level, you may be granted an unpaid leave to run in the election campaign. If you are elected to full-time office, you will be granted an unpaid leave of up to one year.