RSB Frequently Asked Questions


What happens to my spouse’s/partner’s coverage if we separate or divorce?

A legal spouse can be enrolled in the RSB Program even if you are separated, but not after the divorce is final. A common-law spouse cannot remain on the RSB Program if they are no longer living with the plan member.

As a UBC retiree, if my spouse dies and I re-marry, can my new spouse be added to my benefits?

Yes, you can add your new spouse to your coverage.

As a survivor of a UBC retiree, if I re-marry, can my new spouse be added to my benefits?

No, your new spouse cannot be added to your benefits, and since your remarriage means that you no longer meet the definition of a dependent under the plan, you will also have to give up the plan at the time of your marriage.

Are UBC, TRIUMF and Paymaster employees covered under the same RSB Program?

No, all employees who are leaving TRIUMF and want medical/dental retirement benefits must enroll in the TRIUMF retirement plan. Paymaster employees who are leaving UBC are not eligible for the UBC RSB program.


Can my spouse or partner enroll in a benefit like extended health or dental if I don’t want to join that part of the plan?

No, the primary person, that is, the retired UBC member, must be enrolled in a particular benefit for the spouse to be able to also enrol in it

I am over 55 and leaving UBC to work somewhere else. Can I still enroll in the RSB?

The same rules apply as when you are leaving UBC to enjoy retirement. That is, you can still enrol in the RSB Program if you meet all of the eligibility requirements. However, you must enrol within 31 days of leaving your employment at UBC.

I’m going to be travelling outside of Canada after I retire. What happens to my retirement benefits?

Whether you’re taking off for a period of travel or staying close to home, you must still enroll in the RSB at the time that you leave employment at UBC or within 31 days of the end of your coverage if you are a surviving dependent under the RSB Program. While traveling, the RSB will offer you some coverage, but the coverage is limited when you are outside the province. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the Medi-Passport before leaving home.

Both out-of-country and Medi-Passport coverage will only cover services obtained within 90 days of the date you leave the province where you live. If hospitalization occurs within this period, in-patient services are covered for 90 days except where transportation would endanger the life of the patient, in which case the 90 day limit will be extended.

I currently have double coverage, under my UBC plan and my spouse’s/partner’s plan. I’ll be leaving UBC and will continue to be covered under the other plan. What are my options?

You must enrol in the UBC RSB Program within 31 days of your coverage under the UBC plan ending. You will not have the option of joining the UBC RSB Program at a later date.

You may enroll now and continue having double coverage. Since you will now be paying your own premiums on the retirement plan, consider the level of coverage for each plan and how much you foresee claiming on the plan to determine if this second option is the right one for you.

Why is there a different date for beginning my Retirement and Survivor benefits depending on my leaving date?

In the benefits program for active staff and faculty, premium payments for extended health, dental, Employee and Family Assistance and MSP coverage are deducted from the end of month paycheque to cover the following month’s benefits. So if your leave date is before this deduction, your active coverage will end earlier than if your leave date is after the 15th of the month, and the deductions have already been made.


Is vision care covered?

No, vision care such as glasses, frames, contact lenses, etc. are not available under the RSB Extended Health Plan.

Is foot orthotics covered?

No, foot orthotics are not available under the RSB Extended Health Plan.

The Sun Life booklet does not tell me whether or not this particular extended health/dental expense will be covered. Where can I get this information?

For information that doesn’t appear in the Sun Life booklet, you can contact the Sun Life Customer Care Centre directly at 1-800-661-7334 or 1-800-361-6212, or by email through their members’ website at

Will I receive a new Sun Life Extended Health/Dental card once I enroll in the RSB Extended Health and/or Dental coverage?

You will receive a new Sun Life Pay-Direct Drug Card if you enroll in the Extended Health benefits, however, there is no card for enrolling in only the Dental benefits.

I know that the Extended Health plan reimburses based on the generic equivalent of a brand name drug, however I experience adverse reactions to the generic brand. In what circumstances will the brand name be covered?

If you experience adverse reactions to the generic drug, you may be reimbursed based on the brand name drug. Your doctor must indicate “No substitutions” on the prescription and your Pharmacist must enter this into the system in order for you to be reimbursed accordingly.


What is the UBC Retirement and Survivor Benefits Contract/Plan/Group Number?

The UBC Retirement and Survivor Benefits Contract/Plan/Group Number for Sun Life is 020605. The contract number may also be referred to as a Group or Policy Number.

What is my Access ID and Password and why do I need it?

Your Access ID and PIN are used to access services on the Sun Life Plan Member Services’ web page. The Plan Member Services’ page allows you to:

  • Check when you’re eligible to be covered for your next dental exam;
  • See detailed information about medical and dental claims you’ve submitted;
  • Sign up to have your claim payments deposited directly into your bank account;
  • Update personal information, such as your address, telephone number, email address and Internet password;
  • Fillable online claim forms with pre-populated personalized information to print-off;
  • Print a personalized out-of-country travel card;
  • Link to Sun Life’s Health and Work Resource Centre which provides a wide range of health information.

I have forgotten my Access ID and Password to log onto the Sun Life website. What do I do?

If you have forgotten your Access ID, please contact the Sun Life Customer Care Centre at 1-800-661-7334.

If you have forgotten your password, go to, and click on “Forgot your password?”. Enter your Access ID and you will be walked through the steps in order to reset your password.

After cancelling my RSB Extended Health and Dental coverage how long do I have to submit any claims that I have incurred before my cancellation date?

You have up to 90 days to submit any claims that have incurred before your cancellation date.

If the Medical Services Plan does not cover a medical procedure will this automatically be covered by the UBC RSB Extended Health Plan?

No. While MSP will cover most medically necessary procedures, it may not cover everything. Click here for more information on procedures covered by MSP or contact MSP directly.

Am I required to submit a doctor’s note for paramedical practitioners?

You must submit a doctor’s note along with your claim for massage therapy and psychological services only. A doctor’s note is required every 12 months.

What information do I need to provide my dental office with in order to be reimbursed under the Dental Care Plan?

You will need to provide the Group Policy (Contract) Number 020605 and your Member ID (Certificate) Number, which is your 7-digit UBC Employee ID. Your UBC Employee ID can be found on your former pay statements.

What is the Dental Fee Guide?

The Dental Fee Guide is a guide published by the Dental Association for General Practitioners and differs based on province. Each province assigns a specific benefit amount for a given procedure based on a “reasonable and customary” basis or fee commonly charged for the performance of the procedure by eligible dental care practitioners within the province.

Medical Services Plan

Do I still pay Medical Services Plan premiums after age 65?

Yes, MSP premiums are based on your previous year’s income. If your household income is below $30,000, you may be eligible for premium assistance. Please see the question above for more information on Premium Assistance.

What is MSP Premium Assistance and what should I do if I think that I qualify?

MSP Premium Assistance is a provincial government program that reduces MSP premium rates for residents of BC who are eligible. Eligibility depends on the adjusted net annual income of $30,000 or less based on the previous year’s net income. For full information on this program, please contact Janet McHugh at 604-822-4580 or visit the MSP website.

Special Circumstances

What happens when I reach my Extended Health Lifetime Maximum?

Once you are notified by Sun Life that you have reached your extended health lifetime maximum, please contact Janet McHugh at 604-822-4580, or by email at to terminate your premium payments. If you have dependents, you can determine whether you will continue coverage for them or not at the same rate.

What happens to my spouse’s coverage when I die?

If a RSB member passes away, the surviving spouse and children already listed as dependents are eligible to continue their coverage. The coverage will continue until the dependent child no longer meets the definition of a dependent on the plan, the surviving spouse re-marries (or new common-law partner) or until the end of the period for which premiums have been paid for the coverage.

Will I receive a tax receipt for my Extended Health Plan and Dental Plan premiums?

Yes, a tax receipt for the Extended Health Plan and Dental Plan premiums paid is sent out to RSB members in February.

If you terminate your Extended Health Plan and Dental Plan in the middle of the year, a tax receipt of premiums paid up to the termination date will be mailed out to you.

Will I receive a tax receipt for my Medical Services Plan premiums?

No, the Medical Services Plan (MSP) premiums are not included on your tax receipt because MSP is a publicly funded plan through the provincial government. According to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), premiums paid to private health services may be claimed on your income tax. Please consult with your tax advisor to see if there are any exceptions to claiming MSP premiums under the CRA guidelines.