Income Replacement & Disability Benefits

If you are on short-term sick leave  and unable to work for more than a four- or six-month period (depending on your employee group) due to illness or injury, you may qualify for long-term disability, which will provide you with a monthly income based on a percentage of your pre-disability gross monthly salary.

For faculty, the long-term disability plan is called the Income Replacement Plan. For staff employees, the long-term disability plan is called the Disability Benefit Plan. Sun Life is the University’s insurer of the Income Replacement and Disability Benefit plans.

If you are in the third month of your absence from work due to illness or injury and it does not seem that you will be able to make a full return to work, you should apply for long-term disability. Call the Benefits Claims & Finance Associate at 604-822-8696 or email to learn how to apply for benefits and to obtain the application forms you’ll need.

If you apply for benefits, you need to provide proof that you became disabled while you were covered by the plan and that you have been following appropriate medical treatment for your disability since its onset.

For information on short-term sick leave or unpaid medical leave, please visit the Leaves section.

Need help understanding your sick leave and applying for long-term disability? Read our claims process guide:

Learn more about your long-term disability plan

There are some differences between the plans for each of UBC’s employee groups, so please review the section that applies specifically to your group and check the Sun Life benefits booklet for further details.