New RSB Program Administrator

After two years, Jennifer Cove has moved on from the Retirement & Survivor Benefits Administrator role. We would like to thank Jennifer for all of her hard work with the RSB plan members and program over the years and wish her well on her next chapter. She has been replaced by Janet Poupart who started with the HR Health, Wellbeing & Benefits team in July 2014.

Janet previously worked as the Disability Claims Associate at UBC, managing the long-term disability claims for staff and faculty. She has a Bachelor of Commerce degree specializing in Human Resources Management, has completed her Certified Human Resources Professional designation, and is currently studying for her Certified Employee Benefits Specialist designation. Janet can be contacted at 604-822-4580 or

For those enrolled in the EFAP plan

The University of British Columbia has retained the services of Shepell as the new provider of our organization’s Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP). The EFAP is a benefit provided for those UBC Retirement and Survivor Benefit Plan members who chose to enroll in the EFAP and coverage includes their eligible dependents. The transition to the new provider took place on April 1, 2015.

Shepell is a leading EFAP service provider and offers a wide range of confidential and voluntary support services to assist you and your family with resolving everyday challenges, complex issues, and everything in between.

The EFAP is completely confidential within the limits of the law*. No one, including UBC, will be informed that you have accessed the service unless you choose to tell them.

You and your eligible dependents can reach Shepell by telephone or First Chat (instant online chat through your computer or mobile device) 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Emergency services can be accessed immediately and non-emergency services, such as in-person counselling, can be scheduled at a convenient time and location.

EFAP services are provided within the monthly premium that is paid by you (remains at $4.00/ month). There are no additional charges.

Please visit to learn more about EFAP and how to access services.

*Shepell is required by law to disclose what would otherwise be confidential information when there is a risk of serious injury to oneself or others, there is suspicion of child abuse as defined by provincial legislation, or when served with a properly executed court order (i.e. subpoena).

Sun Life Rate Changes for 2015

Each year, the Sun Life Extended Health and Dental Care plans are reviewed with UBC’s Benefits Consultants to determine the appropriate premium rates to support claim costs expected for the upcoming year.

The following tables outline the required rate adjustments to the Extended Health and Dental Care plans, effective January 1, 2015. The renewal rates are based on analyzing 12 months of past experience (July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014) while incorporating ongoing inflation.

 Dental Plan Current 2014 Monthly Rates New 2015 Monthly Rates
Effective January 1, 2015
Single $42.90 ➔ $44.19 + 3%
Couple $86.07 ➔ $88.65 + 3%
Family $127.60 ➔ $131.43 + 3%
Extended Plan Current 2014 Monthly Rates New 2015 Monthly Rates
Effective January 1, 2015
Plan 1 (LTM* $15,000)
Single $64.26 ➔ $61.05 -5%
Couple $128.54 ➔ $122.11 -5%
Family $128.54 ➔ $122.11 -5%
Plan 2 (LTM* $50,000)
Single $100.93 ➔ $100.93 0%
Couple $203.87 ➔ $203.87 0%
Family $203.87 ➔ $203.87 0%
Plan 3 (LTM* $200,000)
Single $57.32 ➔ $63.05 + 10%
Couple $114.72 ➔ $126.19 + 10%
Family $114.72 ➔ $126.19 + 10%

*LTM = Lifetime Maximum

 Medical Service Plan (MSP) Rate Changes

The Medical Services Plan (MSP) is the BC government program that covers medically required services provided by physicians and supplementary health care practitioners, laboratory services and diagnostic procedures. Recently, the Province of British Columbia has announced the rate changes for the Medical Services Plan (MSP). Effective January 1, 2015, the premiums will increase by $2.75 per month for individuals, $5.00 per month for couples, and $5.50 per month for families.

 MSP Rates Current Monthly Premiums Monthly Premiums Effective Jan 1, 2015
Individual $69.25 ➔ $72.00
Family of two $125.50 ➔ $130.50
Family of three or more $138.50 ➔ $144

Innovations in Patient Care: UBC opens Pharmacists Clinic

Guest article by Barbara Gobis, Director, Pharmacists Clinic

When was the last time you had an hour with a health care professional?

If you take medications and have questions or concerns, keep reading.

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at UBC has opened the Pharmacists Clinic – Canada’s first university-based, licensed, pharmacist-led, patient care clinic. The Pharmacists Clinic is not a typical pharmacy. It does not sell products or offer prescription-filling services. It is dedicated to making the clinical expertise of pharmacists available to meet the information and consultation needs of people taking medication. Located at the UBC Vancouver campus, the Pharmacists Clinic is tapped into the latest evidence, research and care models and focused on helping people get optimal drug therapy results.

The Clinic’s pharmacists work in respectful collaboration with you, your physicians and your community-based pharmacist. Services are provided in-person or by telephone at no cost to you. The BC Ministry of Health (PharmaCare) pays the Clinic directly for some services and the Faculty funds the rest.

As a model of how pharmacists will practice in the future, the Pharmacists Clinic is also a teaching site for students and for pharmacists wanting to refresh their skills.

People who may benefit from an appointment at the Pharmacists Clinic are:

  • Wanting answers to questions about medications, natural health products and supplements
  • Taking multiple medications
  • Living with more than one health condition
  • Not getting the intended results from their medications
  • Concerned about adverse reactions, allergies or drug sensitivities
  • Having difficulty sorting out and taking their medications at home
  • Concerned about advancing age, reduced liver or kidney function, or
  • Recently discharged from hospital

If you would like to book an appointment (either in-person or by telephone) for yourself or a family member at the Pharmacists Clinic, please call 604-827-2584. More information on the Pharmacists Clinic and booking an appointment is available at