In This Issue…

Welcome to the summer edition of Viewpoints, where we feature the following information for RSB plan members:

  • Discounts and health resources available through the Sun Life website
  • Overview of extended health and dental claims that require pre-approvals
  • Answers to frequently asked RSB questions
  • Free campus activities to explore
  • Travel coverage information if you are travelling this summer
  • Notice of new HR information system coming April 2020

You can also access this Sun Life flyer, which contains details on how to register for an account through and my Sun Life mobile app. These online tools are a great way to manage your RSB plan, view your claims history and coverage details, and access exclusive perks through Sun Life’s Marketplace and Lumino Health.

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Benefits of Being Online: Sun Life’s Marketplace and Lumino Health

As a RSB member, did you know that you can access corporate discounts and health resources through two Sun Life digital platforms: Marketplace and Lumino Health?

Marketplace is Sun Life’s online corporate discounts program. When you visit the Sun Life website or mobile app, you can search for special offers from a wide selection of service providers and retailers. Browse for discounts on a range of supplies and services, including eyewear, hearing aids, health, fitness and lifestyle resources.

Lumino is a digital health network that empowers Canadians to live healthier lives by offering free health resources and information. You can see which providers are located near you and how they are rated by your peers. It’s a great resource, especially if you are new to the area and need a quick recommendation for your health needs.

Both Marketplace and Lumino Health are available through on your desktop computer, or the my Sun Life Mobile app. If you have any questions, contact Sun Life at 1-800-361-6212.


Access Marketplace and Lumino Health through your desktop computer

Access Marketplace and Lumino Health with your smartphone

Claims Requiring Pre-approvals

Prior Authorization Program (Extended Health Plan)

For medical services and equipment in excess of $5,000, a pre-authorization is required. Please refer to page 18 of the Policy Booklet (2017 edition).

Prior authorization requires that coverage for certain drug therapies be pre-approved based on certain criteria. For full details, refer to page 14-15 of the Policy Booklet (2017 edition).

You can also read about prior authorization on our website:

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll to find the header, “About RSB”.
  3. Click on “Extended Health”.
  4. Scroll to find “Reimbursement level for eligible expenses”.
  5. Click on “Prior Authorization Program”.

Predetermination (Dental)

Before you receive treatment for any dental procedure(s) that costs more than $500, we recommend that you receive a predetermination from Sun Life. For full details, refer to page 32 of the Policy Booklet (2017 edition).

You can also access this information on our website:

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll to find the header “About RSB”.
  3. Click on “Dental”.
  4. Scroll to find “Dental care predetermination (over $500)”.

In our winter 2019 edition of Viewpoints, we will expand on these two topics. Look for the article in December.

Frequently Asked RSB Questions

In this issue, we address two frequently asked questions that we receive from RSB plan members: how to request a copy of your medical and dental history online, and how to update your plan information.

FAQ: How do I request a copy of my medical and dental claims history?

Your first instinct may be to call Sun Life (1-800-361-6212), but did you know that you can easily and conveniently access your information online 24/7?

Here’s how you can access your claims history:

  1. Login to
  2. Scroll down until you see “Completed claims”.
  3. Click on “All claims”.


  1. Select the relevant dates, and then click “Continue”.

FAQ: I need to update my RSB plan information. How do I do this?

Contact the RSB Administrator ( to do the following:

Update your contact details:

  • Provide your new address, phone number and email

Change the bank account where your RSB premiums are withdrawn from:

  • Send a void cheque, as well as a note indicating the effective date, to the address below:

Attn: RSB Administrator
600 – 6190 Agronomy Road
Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z3

Rediscover Your UBC Community

Whether you are retired from UBC or continue to work on campus, you are a part of the university community. We encourage you to stay connected by checking out the various activities that you can access at UBC free of charge or by donation. Here are some highlights:

UBC Vancouver & UBC Okanagan Tours and Walking Maps (free of charge)

Sustainability UBC (Vancouver):

  • Self-guided walking tour with downloadable guide
  • Green building guided tours with various options and durations

Visit for maps and booking info.

30-minute UBC Walks (Vancouver):

  • Five walking trails: Main Mall, Sword Fern, Thunderbird, Tower Beach and Wreck Beach

Visit to download maps and learn more about walking at UBC.

Sustainability Office (Okanagan):

  • Guided or self-guided sustainability walking tours

Visit to request a tour or download a map.

Campus Health (Okanagan):

  • Various trails and walks that highlight the natural and built environment

Visit for more info.

Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery (free of charge)

  • Experience one of the largest public art collections in BC with more than 4,500 contemporary artworks.

Visit to learn more.

Pacific Museum of Earth (admission by donation)

  • Learn about earth’s evolution through geological exhibits and interactive displays.
  • Can’t make it to campus? Take a virtual tour.

Visit for more info.

Travelling This Summer?

If you are enrolled in the Sun Life Extended Health plan, emergency medical travel insurance is included with your benefits. This does not include coverage for lost luggage or trip cancellation.

Coverage is for up to 90 days per trip, and reimbursement is at 100% — up to your remaining lifetime maximum (LTM).

Visit to access your policy booklet, Medi-Passport, instructions on how to submit your claims, and other RSB-related information.

To access previous travel articles, visit