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Rediscover Your UBC Community

Rediscover Your UBC Community

Whether you are retired from UBC or continue to work on campus, you are a part of the university community. We encourage you to stay connected by checking out the various activities that you can access at UBC free of charge or by donation. Here are some highlights:

UBC Vancouver & UBC Okanagan Tours and Walking Maps (free of charge)

Sustainability UBC (Vancouver):

  • Self-guided walking tour with downloadable guide
  • Green building guided tours with various options and durations

Visit sustain.ubc.ca/about/campus-tours/ for maps and booking info.

30-minute UBC Walks (Vancouver):

  • Five walking trails: Main Mall, Sword Fern, Thunderbird, Tower Beach and Wreck Beach

Visit hr.ubc.ca/wellbeing-benefits/living-well/physical-wellbeing/walking-at-ubc/ to download maps and learn more about walking at UBC.

Sustainability Office (Okanagan):

  • Guided or self-guided sustainability walking tours

Visit sustain.ok.ubc.ca/sustcamp/tours/ to request a tour or download a map.

Campus Health (Okanagan):

  • Various trails and walks that highlight the natural and built environment

Visit campushealth.ok.ubc.ca/voice-action-groups/environment-built-and-natural/ for more info.

Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery (free of charge)

  • Experience one of the largest public art collections in BC with more than 4,500 contemporary artworks.

Visit belkin.ubc.ca to learn more.

Pacific Museum of Earth (admission by donation)

  • Learn about earth’s evolution through geological exhibits and interactive displays.
  • Can’t make it to campus? Take a virtual tour.

Visit pme.ubc.ca for more info.

New HR Information System Coming April 2020

In April 2020, UBC’s HR information system will transition to our new system, Workday. For further information, visit irp.ubc.ca.

The system change will create administrative changes that may affect some RSB plan members. In the next few months, we will be communicating directly with the RSB plan members who will be impacted.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Julia Carandang at 604-822-4580 or julia.carandang@ubc.ca.


Innovations in Patient Care: UBC opens Pharmacists Clinic

Guest article by Barbara Gobis, Director, Pharmacists Clinic

When was the last time you had an hour with a health care professional?

If you take medications and have questions or concerns, keep reading.

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at UBC has opened the Pharmacists Clinic – Canada’s first university-based, licensed, pharmacist-led, patient care clinic. The Pharmacists Clinic is not a typical pharmacy. It does not sell products or offer prescription-filling services. It is dedicated to making the clinical expertise of pharmacists available to meet the information and consultation needs of people taking medication. Located at the UBC Vancouver campus, the Pharmacists Clinic is tapped into the latest evidence, research and care models and focused on helping people get optimal drug therapy results.

The Clinic’s pharmacists work in respectful collaboration with you, your physicians and your community-based pharmacist. Services are provided in-person or by telephone at no cost to you. The BC Ministry of Health (PharmaCare) pays the Clinic directly for some services and the Faculty funds the rest.

As a model of how pharmacists will practice in the future, the Pharmacists Clinic is also a teaching site for students and for pharmacists wanting to refresh their skills.

People who may benefit from an appointment at the Pharmacists Clinic are:

  • Wanting answers to questions about medications, natural health products and supplements
  • Taking multiple medications
  • Living with more than one health condition
  • Not getting the intended results from their medications
  • Concerned about adverse reactions, allergies or drug sensitivities
  • Having difficulty sorting out and taking their medications at home
  • Concerned about advancing age, reduced liver or kidney function, or
  • Recently discharged from hospital

If you would like to book an appointment (either in-person or by telephone) for yourself or a family member at the Pharmacists Clinic, please call 604-827-2584. More information on the Pharmacists Clinic and booking an appointment is available at http://clinic.pharmacy.ubc.ca.

Learning Opportunities for Seniors: UBC Continuing Studies

UBC Elder Scholar

UBC Elder Scholar courses are designed to meet the needs of retired and semi-retired adults, but are open to all adult learners. Course formats include lectures, seminars, study groups, and walking tours.

Lectures are offered in the daytime at Tapestry Wesbrook Village, in classes ranging from 20 to 60 students. Seminars are led by UBC professors, including professors emeriti, combine short lectures and group discussion, and range in size from 10 to 24 students. Study groups provide a peer-based learning experience in which groups of approximately 15 members meet for two hours each week to explore a topic in depth. Walking tours take learning to the streets of Vancouver to delve into specific aspects of local history with an expert guide.

UBC Elder Scholar courses can be applied toward the UBC Certificate in Liberal Studies. Keep an eye on their website for upcoming courses: https://cstudies.ubc.ca/seniors/elder-scholar

Ageless Pursuits

Offered over four weeks each June, this popular series provides an opportunity to challenge your mind, expand your understanding, refresh yourself with new ideas, join friends old and new, and of course, have fun!

Participants meet at the UBC Point Grey campus for one to four individual weeks of stimulating lectures, lively discussion and shared enquiry. You select two morning courses from four options each week, and sign up for one week or more. The courses take place each morning, Monday to Friday. Ageless Pursuits courses can be applied to the UBC Certificate in Liberal Studies.

The next Ageless Pursuits Summer Institute will be offered in June 2015. Subscribe to their email list to be notified when registration is available: https://cstudies.ubc.ca/summer/ageless-pursuits

One Day @ UBC

Offered on Saturdays at the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre at the UBC Point Grey campus, One Day @ UBC single-day courses provide easy and affordable access to top experts in their field – and the small class size ensures ample opportunities for discussion. One Day @ UBC courses can be applied toward a UBC Certificate in Liberal Studies.

UBC Credit Courses

The University of British Columbia currently offers seniors (65 and older) the opportunity to take most UBC credit (degree related) courses for general interest, free of application, tuition or student fees. Some conditions apply. Find out more about these UBC credit courses by viewing the Access Studies section of the UBC Student Services website: http://students.ubc.ca/enrolment/courses/non-degree/access#senior. Some conditions apply. Note that this is not applicable to UBC Continuing Studies non-credit courses.  For more information on these courses, please contact UBC Continuing Studies on 604-822-1444, or view their website: https://cstudies.ubc.ca/seniors.