Prior Authorization Program Reminder

For those enrolled in the Extended Health benefits plans 2 and 3, effective April 1, 2017, Sun Life added the prior authorization program. Prior authorization requires that coverage for certain drug therapies be pre-approved based on certain criteria. The prior
authorization’s aim is to focus on monitoring claims for specialty drugs or treatments and ensure that plan members are getting
reimbursement for the right drugs when needed.

If the drug your doctor prescribes for you needs prior authorization, send Sun Life a completed prior authorization form before
filling your prescription. You can visit and enter your group contract number (020605) for a
list of included drugs and forms.

If you were reimbursed for one of the drugs included in the prior authorization program within 120 days prior to April 1, 2017, you do not have to apply for authorization; you’ll be considered pre-approved for reimbursement. Adding prior authorization to your group benefits plan will help manage drug plan costs and ensures extended health care is affordable for plan members into the future.