Retirement Checklist

Health Benefits – Human Resources

  • Medical Services Plan – Ensure that your Medical Services Plan benefits are changed to an individual plan or that you are covered through your spouse’s or partner’s plan, or RSB. Once your retirement appointment form is received by Payroll, your MSP coverage through the UBC group plan will be terminated by your benefits administrators.
  • Make Outstanding Benefits Claims – Send your outstanding Extended Health and Dental benefits claims to Sun Life. These claims must be submitted within 90 days after your Extended Health and Dental benefits coverage ends at UBC.
  • Investigate the Retirement and Survivor Benefits Program – Choose the coverage that will best suit you, and then submit your application form to Human Resources at least four weeks before you expect your Retirement and Survivor Benefits to begin.
  • While the Retirement and Survivor Benefits Program is one option available to you; you may wish to pursue other plans in the marketplace on your own with the assistance of a financial advisor or insurance agent.

Life Insurance – Human Resources

  • Convert Group Life Insurance – If you wish to maintain your life insurance coverage, follow up with our life insurance carrier, Sun Life, to discuss your options in converting your coverage under UBC’s Group Life Insurance Plans (Basic Life, Optional Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment if applicable) to an individual plan.

Pensions – Pension Administration Office

Payroll – Financial Services

  • Ensure that your address on file in Payroll (in Financial Services) is current, for your T4 slip.
  • Request a Record of Employment (ROE) from Payroll (in Financial Services) for your files.

Keys & Access Cards

  • Hand in security passcards to your department administrator.
  • Return your keys to the Parking and Access Control office, for the return of your deposit.
  • Return any other equipment that belongs to UBC.