Creating a Respectful Environment

Heads Up

The Respectful Environment Initiative introduces faculty and staff to skills for communicating when the stakes are high, opinions vary and emotions run strong. The intention of the training is to support those in conflict to engage in conversation and address their issues before they escalate. If your faculty and staff aren’t speaking up, then they are very likely acting out. And when conflict escalates, it will come to you.

Reach Out, Respond, Resolve

“Administrative Heads of Units… are expected to act promptly to determine whether personal harassment has occurred or is ongoing, and if so, to address the conduct and its damaging effects.”

From the UBC Respectful Environment Statement

A Respectful Environment

What Would You Do If…

Workplace scenarios of conflict.

A Respectful Environment

Formal Process

Know when a problem requires a formal process. Start a conversation by reaching out to the UBC specialists who can advise you.

A Respectful Environment

Listen, Document & Understand

Speaking up and speaking out – respectfully – is the responsibility of every fully participating member of the UBC community. Are you ready for those conversations? If you find yourself in the thick of it, then listen, document and understand.

A Respectful Environment

Create a Respectful Environment in Your Unit

Keep building your capacity to manage conflict.

A Respectful Environment