UBC’s Designated Relocation and Moving Company



Under UBC’s Policy #82 Relocation of Faculty Members and Senior Management Staff, the University has a designated relocation and moving company that must be used if relocating faculty and senior management wish to have eligible expenses reimbursed by UBC’s Central Relocation Fund, the fund that supports the policy. (The only exception is if new hires move themselves without the help of a moving company. Those who move themselves can also be reimbursed by the Central Relocation Fund for eligible expenses.)

By using a single relocation and moving company, UBC is able to have much better pricing and a consistent standard of service for all moves. Together, the University and the contracted company work to meet the objectives of:

  • Providing effective customer service through a single point of contact and through the development of online capabilities that are available on a 24/7/365 basis for international relocations;
  • Identifying opportunities to reduce the cost of moves and to improve the effectiveness of related processes; and
  • Offering current and consistent information related to relocation.

The current contract is effective from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2019 and has been awarded to Quality Move Management (QMM).


Note: As a relocation and moving company, Quality Move Management (QMM) oversees and coordinates relocations working with a number of partner companies that it sub-contracts for specialized services.

To get in touch with a representative of QMM, please see our Contacts page.

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