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Welcome to UBC orientation session

In 2017, UBC is piloting a re-imagined orientation and onboarding experience for UBC staff and faculty.

Qualifying staff who join UBC 2017 will be part of the orientations program. The program is cohort-based and is designed to support staff in their first year at UBC. There are six cohorts offered per year, and each cohort consists of staff who start in the same two-month period. For example, staff who start at UBC in January and February 2017 are part of the first cohort.

Using a strengths-based approach and weaving in the commitment to workplace learning, the program provides the opportunity for participants to explore and gain an understanding of:

  1. The participant and their role
  2. The UBC community
  3. Their responsibilities and commitments as members of the UBC community

These outcomes will be woven into the program’s four focus areas:

  1. Foundation –  Helping new hires build a solid foundation at UBC and gain a greater clarity on the talents, strengths, skills, experiences, and values they are bringing to their new position.
  2. Wellbeing –  Helping new hires navigate a deeply held value at UBC .
  3. Connections & Community – Helping new hires engage with the heartbeat of UBC, the people.
  4. Respectful Environment –  Promoting UBC’s guiding principles of respect, civility, diversity, opportunity and inclusion.

Over the course of year-long program, participants will have opportunities to learn and engage with these focus areas through a combination of in-person events and activities, and online programs, resources, and information. They will also have ongoing opportunities to get to know colleagues in their orientation cohort, as well as those in other active orientation cohorts.

The program is intended to complement departmental orientation and onboarding programs and activities by providing participants with UBC-wide perspectives, as well as opportunities for self-discovery and reflection.

For more information email the Orientation & Onboarding team or read this FAQs on the 2017 orientation pilot for new staff.

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