UBC Acronyms

Like any large workplace, UBC uses certain acronyms to refer to on-campus locations and practices.

Acronym Name Definition
AAPS Association of Administrative and Professional Staff AAPS represents Management and Professional staff at UBC.
ALDP Academic Leadership Development Program The Academic Leadership Development Program is a leadership development program offered by UBC each year to new academic administrators (Heads, Directors and Associate Deans).
AMS Alma Mater Society Student society at the Vancouver campus. The AMS operates student services, student owned businesses, resource groups, and clubs.
BCGEU B.C Government and Service Employee’s Union UBC has two BCGEU locals: One representing staff at the Okanagan campus (Teaching Assistants, Technician/Research Assistants, administrative support, library assistants), and one representing child care staff at the Vancouver campus.
BOG UBC Board of Governors The UBC Board of Governors is responsible for the management, administration and control of the property, revenue, business and affairs of the University.
CIRS Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability The Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability is a 60,000-square-foot piece of research infrastructure, a net-positive building in which UBC researchers explore regenerative sustainability.
CTLT Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology
CUPE Canadian Union of Public Employees UBC has three CUPE locals: CUPE 116 (trades, custodial, food service, Aquatic centre), CUPE 2950 (clerical) and CUPE 2278 (teaching assistants and English language instructors)
CWL Campus-Wide Login Campus-Wide Login is a single username and password that allows you to access many online services at UBC, including Self-Service, FASmail, VPN and Library services, among others.
DVC Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Principal The Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Principal provides leadership for the UBC Okanagan campus.
ESP Enrolment Services Professional Working with students during their time at UBC, Enrolment Services Professionals help students with issues related to tuition, course registration and financial planning.
FMS Financial Management System Central Financial Management System used by administrators across the University to track financial expenses for the department.
FSC Faculty Service Centre The Faculty Service Centre is used by instructors and administrators to access class lists and submit grades, curriculum management and scheduling
GNW Great Northern Way campus The Great Northern Way Campus is jointly managed by UBC, SFU, BCIT and Emily Carr University.
GSS Graduate Student Society The UBC Graduate Student Society represents and advocates on behalf of all UBC graduate students.
HRMS Human Resource Management System HRMS is one of several major UBC business systems and is the primary source of information for UBC faculty, staff and student employees for purposes of: HR/salary administration, benefits enrolment and administration, and payroll.
JV Journal Voucher Journal Vouchers are used by all UBC Departments to record internal transactions within or between UBC departments.
LFS Land and Food Systems (Faculty)
M&P Management & Professional Employees who work in management and professional roles, at the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses.
MSC Maintenance Service Centre
MSP Management Systems Portal Used by administrators to access HRMS and FMS
P&P Place & Promise: UBC’s Strategic Plan
PAIR Office of Planning and Institutional Research The Planning and Institutional Research Office undertakes research projects, and provides reports, statistical information, analysis, and advice in support of strategic planning, decision-making, collective bargaining, and accountability at the University.
RMS Risk Management Services Risk Management identifies, assesses and manages all risk (strategic, academic, operational, financial, hazard and reputational) at UBC.
SHHS Student Housing and Hospitality Services Coordinates Student Housing, Food Services, Conferences and Accommodations at UBC, as well as Child Care Services at the Vancouver campus.
SIS Student Information Services Encompasses SSC, SISC, MSC, FSC.
SISC Student Information Service Centre For faculty and staff to perform student-related administrative and advising roles on campus.
SSC Student Service Centre The web portal for students to access Student Services such as grades, transcripts, etc. (requires CWL)
UBCO University of British Columbia, Okanagan campus
UBCSUO University of British Columbia Students’ Union Okanagan Student society at the Okanagan campus
UBCV University of British Columbia, Vancouver campus
UEL University Endowment Lands Located between the City of Vancouver and UBC, the University Endowment Lands is an unincorporated community of nearly 4,000 people.
UILO University Industry Liaison Office The UILO supports interaction between UBC and industry and other community partners
UNA University Neighborhood Association The University Neighborhood Association is the community association at the Vancouver campus for UBC’s residential neighborhoods, not including student housing. Today, approximately 8,000 residents live in five UNA neighborhoods.
USB University Services Building Contains Building Operations, Campus Mail, Infrastructure Planning, as well as a child care facility.
VPA Provost and Vice President Academic
VPR Vice President Research
VPS Vice President Students

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