Before You Start


Welcome to UBC! We look forward to having you as a colleague. Before your first day at work, there are some things you need to do to ensure your first few weeks will run smoothly.

Your Campus-Wide Login

At UBC , you will have one computer login ID, called the Campus Wide Login (CWL). You will need your CWL to set up and access a variety of services on campus, including your computer, your email, your pay statement and many of the University’s online systems. Activating your CWL will happen one of three ways (Two are specific to Vancouver and One to Okanagan):

  1. If your department is using the new AccessUBC process you will receive a ‘CWL Account Activation’ email. (Vancouver)
  2. The Admin Manager in your new Department will provide you with your Employee ID number and a PIN. You can then create your CWL by visiting this site. (Vancouver)
  3. The Admin Manager in your new Department will liaise with UBC IT to have your CWL set up. (Okanagan)


The UBC Benefits Sign-On page provides step-by-step instructions for completing the various forms to get you set up on benefits.

This step will take approximately 30 – 40 minutes to complete and you need to have access to a printer.

Before starting, make sure you have your BC Personal Health Care Number and the benefits code contained in your offer letter.


Your pay from UBC will be deposited directly into your bank on the 15th and the last day of each month (for hourly employees, pay is on the 8th and 23rd of the month). Participation in direct deposit is a condition of employment.

The Payroll Direct Deposit form and the TD1 (Tax) form are part of the Benefits Sign-On above. If you have not completed that step for some reason (e.g. waiting to consult with HR or a partner), you can access these forms directly by using the links here and submitting them to Payroll as soon as possible to ensure your pay is on time. More information is available here.

  • Payroll cheques will only be produced when a Direct Deposit is missing (e.g. for the first paycheque) and will be posted to the employee’s home address
  • It is therefore essential to have the correct Home address on record.

Your Pay Statement will be available through the Faculty & Staff Self-Serve portal (see below).

Commuting Options

UBC Vancouver community members have many transportation choices. Check out all your options here. You’ll find links to purchase monthly parking, rent a bike locker, and how to access the free, secure bike storage cages. You’ll also find information about carpooling and car-sharing, as well as the Emergency Ride Home Program for people who do not use a single occupancy vehicle to commute.

For UBC Okanagan community members please see pages 21 and 22 of the Welcome Guide For Faculty & Staff.

Getting Around UBC

View campus maps for the UBC Vancouver  or UBC Okanagan on Wayfinding at UBC or on Google Maps.

The map of road closures, construction and detours on the Vancouver campus is updated weekly.


UBCcard is the official identification card at the University of British Columbia. In addition to providing your Employee ID number, it may be used:

  • As oour access token for electronically-controlled doors
  • For library services, including printing options
  • To load money and use it to pay for items at the UBC Bookstore
  • To pay at a UBC Food Services outlet for 5% discount.
  • To access discounts through one of our Health, Fitness & Family Discounts partners.

Apply for your UBCcard today and pick it up on your first day!

You need:

For Vancouver community members you can pick up your card at the UBCcard office (inside the UBC Bookstore).

For Okanagan community members you can pick up your card at the UBCcard office (inside the Student Services building).

Note: You will need to show government-issued photo ID.

Coffee & Lunch Locations

If you are interested in grabbing a bite to eat, UBC’s Point Grey location has many eateries:

At UBC Okanagan, dining on campus is a quintessential part of the overall University experience! Check out the dining locations to see all of the wonderful options on offer!

Faculty & Staff Self-Service Portal

The Faculty & Staff Self-Service Portal is where you can view your pay information, your total compensation (including benefits). You can register for professional development sessions and apply for jobs as an internal candidate

Now that you have your CWL, check out the portal. If you have a preferred name, you can add it here. Or update your contact information.

In order to access UBC Self-Service from off-campus, you will need to connect via Virtual Private Network (VPN). You can connect to VPN with your CWL.

Please note: Access to the Self-Service Portal may not be available until your start date. If you are not able to access it immediately, you can try again a few days later, or wait until after your start date.

Equity Census

UBC is committed to fairness in employment opportunity. Accordingly, UBC initiated an Employment Equity program based on guidelines established by the federal government. UBC’s Employment Equity measures include the removal of barriers to selection, promotion and training of members of the designated groups.

Why should faculty and staff complete the census?

  • It provides valuable data on the composition and diversity of UBC’s workforce
  • The data supports the university in setting employment equity goals which can improve its hiring, promotion and retention practices
  • High return rates ensure that UBC complies with federal employment equity regulations
  • Everyone benefits from a fair and equitable workplace

Completing the census is mandatory, although answering all the questions is not.

Information on the census is available at

Please note: The Equity Census is located inside the Self-Service Portal. If you are not able to access it now, you can try again in a few days, or wait until after your start date

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