Memo: Staff Professional Development Funds – Increases to the Maximum Yearly Claim Amounts (April 5, 2017)

Date: April 5, 2017
To: Staff who are part of CUPE 116, CUPE 2950, Executive Administrative and Non-Union Technician & Research Assistant employee groups, and their managers or supervising faculty members
From: Alex Bayne, Director, Workplace Learning and Engagement, Human Resources
Subject: Staff Professional Development Funds – Increases to the Maximum Yearly Claim Amounts

I am pleased to share that as of April 1, 2017, we have increased the Professional Development Funds maximum yearly claim amount available to staff for the following employment groups:

UBC Staff PD Funds are intended to complement staff development initiatives already in place within units or departments.  The increased PD Fund claim amounts will provide more opportunity for staff to identify their professional development needs, increase skills, and actively navigate their careers at UBC.

Reason for the Increase to the Maximum Claim Amounts

Our UBC staff Professional Development Funds have each been established through different processes at the university such as collective bargaining or Board of Governors resolutions. Each PD Fund is managed independently with a separate annual budget and corresponding maximum claim amount.

Every year, Human Resources reviews the claim activity across the PD Funds, and we sometimes adjust the maximum claim amount to maximize use of the available annual budgets.  Based on our analysis of claim activity over the past few years, we have determined that the Staff PD Funds for the CUPE 116, CUPE 2950, Executive Administrative and Non-Union TRA employee groups each have the financial capacity to support increased claim maximums.

Given that the M&P staff PD Fund continues to see full utilization every year, the M&P maximum claim amount will remain at $550 this year. However, an additional $70,000 will be added to this annual pool of money on July 1 for the M&P employee group fund to further support staff access to self-directed learning.  This increase comes as a result of the most recent negotiations with AAPS.

Additional Professional Development Resources

The Professional Development Funds are part of a suite of learning and career development resources available to staff at UBC. These resources also include:

PD Claim Submission Period

Starting  April 1, 2017, eligible staff will have access to their new claim maximum for the 2017-18 funding year (April 1, 2017 through March 31, 2018) to pay for a variety of professional development activities and resources.

Annual funding amounts are pro rated for staff working less than 50% full-time; 53% full-time for CUPE 116.

Claims to a fund must be submitted to Human Resources, Vancouver campus, within 60 days of the original payment date and be associated with learning activities that enhance staff work-related knowledge, skills and performance and/or contribute to their ongoing career development and advancement at UBC.

Confirm PD Fund Eligibility and Available Balance

Staff can confirm their eligibility and available balance online through the Faculty and Staff Self-Service portal.  Information can be found under the “Staff PD” tab.

Apply and Submit a Claim

Staff PD Fund Guidelines with further details on eligible expenses and claim submission procedures can be found on HR’s Staff Professional Development Fund webpage.


Please contact Susanna Mulligan, Staff PD Funds Manager, Workplace Learning and Engagement, Human Resources, at or 604-822-9273.