Memo: Payment of Economic Stability Dividend (Dec. 15, 2015)

Date: Dec. 15, 2015
From: Lisa Castle, Vice President, Human Resources
To: UBC employees who are eligible for the Economic Stability Dividend
Subject: Payment of Economic Stability Dividend

We are pleased to confirm that eligible UBC staff will be receiving the Provincial Government’s recently announced Economic Stability Dividend of 0.45% in 2016.

The Government has requested that we provide a letter to you about the dividend.  The letter from BC Premier Christie Clark and Minister of Finance Mike de Jong was attached to the email/mail sent to eligible employees.

In addition, it is fundamentally important that we take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing and important contributions to UBC.  We believe that the efforts of staff are critical to UBC’s success.  This dividend recognizes these meaningful efforts that contribute to UBC’s excellence and contribution to the Province’s success. We are appreciative that it will be paid to UBC staff in 2016.

Eligible UBC staff members will receive the dividend as a 0.45% increase in salary, with the following effective dates for each employee group:

  • February 1, 2016 – CUPE 116, CUPE 2950
  • March 1, 2016 – BCGEU (Vancouver campus)
  • May 1, 2016 – AAPS, Non-union Technicians, Executive Administrative, Farm Workers, BCGEU (Okanagan campus)
  • July 1, 2016 – CUPE 2278

The Provincial Government will determine in each of the next three years, based on the same criteria as this year, whether future Economic Stability Dividends are payable.

Further information can be obtained from:

Questions may be directed to your HR Advisor or union/association (as applicable).