Memo: Economic Stability Dividend (Nov. 10, 2017)

Date: Nov. 10, 2017
To: Deans, Directors, Department Heads and Administrative Managers
From: Linda McKnight, Managing Director, Human Resources, Strategic Staff Relations, and Michelle Berner, Managing Director, Human Resources, Total Compensation,
Subject: Economic Stability Dividend

On Nov. 9, 2017, the BC Government announced this year’s Economic Stability Dividend. The Economic Stability Dividend is an additional general wage increase that will result in an ongoing 0.4% wage increase in 2018 for UBC employees who are members of unions/associations that have ratified agreements with the University under the Economic Stability Mandate of 2014-2019, as well as research associates, non-union technicians and research assistants, farm workers, and Executive Administrative staff.

The implementation dates are as follows:

  • February 1, 2018:  CUPE 116, CUPE 2950, IUOE 882
  • March 1, 2018:  BCGEU Childcare
  • May 1, 2018:  AAPS, BCGEU Okanagan, Executive Administrative, Farm Workers, Non-Union Technicians and Research Assistants, Research Associates
  • July 1, 2018:  CUPE 2278
  • November 1, 2018:  CUPE 116 (Aquatic Centre)

The UBC Budget Office will be communicating with Faculties and VP portfolios regarding funding details for the Economic Stability Dividend.

The BC Government will determine next year, based on the same criteria as this year, whether an Economic Stability Dividend is payable. A similar announcement will be made next November.

If you have any questions, please contact your Human Resources Advisor.