Memo: CUPE 2278 – Teaching Assistants & Markers – Bullying & Harassment Training, Orientation, and Dues Deduction (Aug. 18, 2015)

Date: Aug. 18, 2015
From: Linda McKnight, Director Advisory Services, Human Resources
To: Deans, Directors, Department Heads, Administrators (Vancouver campus)
CC: HR Advisors/HR Associates; Peter Lane, CUPE Local 2278
Subject: CUPE 2278 – Teaching Assistants & Markers – Bullying & Harassment Training, Orientation, and Dues Deduction

Update for 2015: Changes were negotiated during the most recent bargaining period that impact the content of this annual memo. We have highlighted the changes below in bold for your convenience.

This memorandum is intended as a reminder of certain obligations of departments/faculties to your Teaching Assistants and Markers. Please share this with all those who supervise TAs and Markers.

Bullying & Harassment Training

If you supervise Teaching Assistants and Markers, you are responsible for arranging online bullying and harassment training for each person under your supervision. “Toward a Respectful Workplace – Preventing and Addressing Workplace Bullying & Harassment” is a 15–20 minute online training session available at An electronic certificate is provided upon completion of the online training and you are responsible for documenting that each employee has completed the training. Training must occur upon commencement of employment.

Documentation of training must be stored in one place within your department or faculty. A WorkSafeBC representative can request that you provide proof of training at any time.

Dues Deduction

Article 3.01 requires that each employee in the Union’s bargaining unit complete a written dues check-off request upon commencing employment with the University. That form is set out in Schedule B of the Collective Agreement. Please ensure that this form is completed for each employee in the Union’s bargaining unit in your Department/Faculty. The forms are not to be sent to the Union but must be retained in the Department/Faculty and be provided to the Union upon request.

Employee Induction/Orientation

Article 3.02 requires that:

  • Each department or Faculty (in non-departmentalized Faculties) holds an induction/orientation meeting of all employees in the Union’s bargaining unit by the eighth week of the first term of the Winter Session. If the induction/orientation meeting was not held in the first term of the Winter Session, and where Departments hire new employees to start in the second term, induction/orientation meetings shall be held between the first and eighth week of the second term of the Winter Session. Departments that hire new employees for the Summer Session shall hold an induction/orientation meeting of all members of the Bargaining Unit between the first and fourth week of the Summer Session term.
  • Each employee and the Union are given written notice of the meeting at least two weeks in advance of the date of the meeting. That notice must be consistent with the form set out in Schedule C of the Collective Agreement.
  • A representative of the Union be provided with time to discuss the function of the Union, expectations, responsibilities and duties of teaching assistants and markers as well as their rights as members of the Union;
  • Where departments handle orientation on an individual basis, they will inform the Union and the Union may then arrange its own meeting. The Department will distribute to all employees in the Department written notices provided by the Union of any union-organized orientation meeting.

Please note that you should advise your Teaching Assistants and Markers to contact the Union for copies of the Collective Agreement. Alternatively, the Collective Agreement for CUPE 2278 can be found online.

If you have any questions with regard to the foregoing, please call your Human Resources Advisor or Associate.

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