Memo: Advance notice: Employer expectations regarding the legalization of cannabis in Canada (Oct. 9, 2018)

Date: Oct. 9, 2018
From: Linda McKnight, Managing Director, Strategic Staff Relations, Human Resources; Allison Matacheskie, Managing Director, Faculty Relations, Human Resources; Gillian Henderson, Director, Okanagan, Human Resources
To: Heads, directors, and HR administrators
CC: Advisory Services, Faculty Relations
Subject: Advance notice: Employer expectations regarding the legalization of cannabis in Canada

Tomorrow, UBC will be sending out a message to all faculty, staff and student employees regarding expectations in the workplace following the legalization of cannabis consumption in Canada.

UBC has an obligation to observe the safety rules set out in section 4.20 of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation to prevent impairment in the workplace. This means ensuring that employees do not arrive or remain at work while their ability to work is affected by alcohol, cannabis, or any other impairing substance, regardless of its legal status.

Although medical authorization to use cannabis does not include a right to consume cannabis at work or arrive to work impaired, employees who are prescribed cannabis for medical purposes and seek or require an accommodation will be advised to speak with their supervisor (staff or student employees) or Head (faculty). Any unauthorized or unapproved use of cannabis prior to or during work hours will not be tolerated and may result in discipline.

We ask that all administrators and managers familiarize themselves with our document, “Information for Supervisors Regarding Substance Use.” If you have questions regarding medical accommodations, or employee substance use, please contact the following:

Together, we can continue to foster a healthy, safe, inclusive, and professional work environment at UBC.

Thank you.