Memo: 2018 Optional Life Premium Rate Change (Dec. 1, 2017)

Date: Dec. 1, 2017
From: Human Resources
To: All UBC faculty and staff enrolled in the Optional Life Insurance Plan
Subject: 2018 Optional Life Premium Rate Change

The UBC Employee and Spouse Optional Life Insurance is an employee-paid plan that provides benefits to your designated beneficiary(ies) should you, your spouse or your dependent child die.  Participation in the Optional Life Plan is voluntary and coverage is in addition to your Basic Group Life Insurance coverage.

[1] Premium Rate Change for 2018

Each year, with the support of our benefits consultant, the financial experience for the Optional Life Plan is reviewed. Due to an increase in claims, effective Jan. 1, 2018, the premium rates will increase by 5% for the upcoming year.

For those also enrolled in the Employee and Spouse Optional Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance Plan, these premium rates remain unchanged for the upcoming year.

The current monthly Optional Life premiums are shown here.  To determine your monthly premium for the upcoming year, find the age bracket, smoker status and coverage amount for you and/or your spouse.

The change in premium will appear on your Dec. 31, 2017 pay cheque (premiums are taken one month in advance).

[2] Verifying Your Optional Life Coverage and Beneficiary

To verify your Optional Life coverage and/or view your named beneficiary(ies), log in to the UBC Faculty and Staff Self-Service website with your CWL username and password and click on “Benefits Summary” (VPN is necessary to access Self-Service off campus).

[3] Making Changes

Increasing Coverage

The Optional Life maximum is $750,000 (for the employee or spouse).  If you would like to increase your current coverage, the first step is to complete the UBC application form and submit the original to UBC Payroll. UBC Payroll will review your application and email you the Sun Life Health Statement. Sun Life will review your application and inform you in writing if you are approved for increased coverage.

On Jan. 1, 2015, Spouse Optional AD&D coverage became available to spouses of all staff members (previously, coverage was only available to spouses of faculty and M&P employees). If your spouse is currently enrolled for Spouse Optional Life only and you would like to add Spouse Optional AD&D, complete the UBC application form and submit it to UBC Payroll for processing. The Spouse Optional AD&D amount will match the Spouse Optional Life amount and no Sun Life Health Statement is required.

For more information on how to increase your coverage or add the Spouse Optional AD&D, please visit

Decreasing or Cancelling Coverage

If you would like to decrease or cancel your coverage, please complete the appropriate change form on our website and submit it to UBC Payroll for processing.

Changing Your Beneficiary

It is important to keep the beneficiary of your life insurance policies up-to-date, so that in the event of a claim, the benefit is paid to the correct individual(s) or organization.

If you do not designate a life insurance beneficiary, your life insurance benefit will be paid to your estate in the event of your death (or your spouse’s estate in the event of their death, if they hold Spousal Optional Life Insurance).

To add a beneficiary or change your beneficiary, complete the appropriate form on our website and submit the original completed form to UBC Payroll for processing. Only original forms are accepted, and we strongly recommend you keep a copy for your personal records.

[4] For Additional Information

For more information about the UBC Optional Employee and Spouse Life plan, please visit

If you have any questions, please email