Memo: 2012 M&P Compensation Review (Aug. 11, 2011)

Date: Aug. 11, 2011
To: Deans, Directors, Department Heads, Administrators
From: Linda McKnight, Director, HR – Advisory Services; Michelle Berner, Director, HR – Total Compensation
Subject: 2012 M&P Compensation Review

We are pleased to let you know about the 2011/12 M&P Compensation Review that the University is undertaking. We are embarking on a market review in order to evaluate the competitiveness of the University’s M&P compensation. It is important to the University to retain fair and competitive compensation for our M&P staff, and regular surveys are required by the agreement between the University and AAPS (the Association of Administrative and Professional Staff). The last M&P Compensation Review was in 2008, with implementation in 2009.


A project such as this takes considerable time from the planning stage, which has now begun, through to implementation, which we anticipate to be in mid-2012.

Job Families to be Surveyed

All of the existing M&P job families will be surveyed, with the exception of: the Residence Life Management job family, which has recently been reviewed against the external market; the Genetic Counsellor job family, which has a specific market comparator; and three job families that have recently been eliminated.

Changes Resulting from the Survey

The market survey process will not result in a general wage increase (GWI) for all employees. Any adjustments will be dependent upon the findings of the survey, and how UBC’s compensation compares to the external market. Adjustments to compensation are also subject to the University’s overall ability to pay, as well as review by the government through the Public Sector Employers Council (PSEC).

Budget Implications

If possible, we recommend that you budget for potential salary increases for M&P staff in your faculty/department. In the past, the University has provided recurring budget funding for GPO-funded salaries that were affected by M&P Compensation Reviews. However, the approach to this under the new UBC budget model has yet to be determined.


We are pleased to embark on the M&P survey process, as it is important to the University to recognize the significant contribution that M&P staff members make to the effective operation of the University. We’ll provide additional information as the project progresses.

Questions may be directed to Kathleen Cheng, Manager, Compensation, at, or 604-822-8148.

CC: HR Advisory Services, Compensation, Payroll

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