Supervisor FAQs

Q: When should I consider talking with my manager about this program? We recommend you have a conversation about the program and determine with the new manager its suitability for their learning needs.  Please invite your  manager to enroll any time during their first 3 years of management. This will give them immediate access to an e-learning platform full of valuable information to new managers, as well as access to an online self assessment and a consultation with a program advisor to determine customized learning needs.

Q: Does a manager in my portfolio require my permission to register? No, the program is based on a premise of self-directed selection and learning.  However, a participant will certainly benefit from discussing the program with you, and meeting regularly to review key learnings, challenges, etc. We invite you to partner with us in taking an active role in their learning. For more information, look at the Managing@UBC: Levels of Partnership.

Q: How will this program benefit the department? The manager’s staff? Adapting to the role and responsibilities should be easier. The unit and staff will benefit as less time will be spent on adjusting and transitioning, and participants will be more available to focus on unit goals and their team.

Q: I have several managers who started their management positions in the past year. Some were promoted, others were internal transfers. Can I still encourage them to participate in this program even though they may not be “new”? Yes -As long as they are within their first 3 years of employment in a manager role, whether they have been recently promoted or are new to UBC, they are eligible to the program. Your encouragement to engage them in the program within this timeframe is very welcome.

Q: How much time will this program take? We have a very busy department, but have a commitment to provide career growth and development for our new hires. The program is designed to be woven into the participant’s work as it will speak to issues directly faced by new managers. It will provide support, resources, and a framework for performing well in the new role. It is expected that learning will occur on the job and that usually takes some time. In addition, the program will offer learning events and online assignments that will also require some time. The program is self-directed to give access to a variety of resources just when needed. If a participant completes only the minimum components of the program, (signing up, developing a learning path and attending the orientation and final summit)  they would be committing to approximately 8 hours. Just as it doesn’t make sense to sign up for the gym and never work out, the more time an individual can dedicate to the learning program, the more value s/he will get from it. For example, some of the online learning activities take as little as 10 minutes or as much as 2-3 hours, depending upon whether all the exercises are completed in depth. Each of the workshops involves half-days, but most are optional. All of the learning is designed to take place within a one year window. We encourage you to discuss the learning commitment as well as workload with your staff since it represents a self-directed aspect of the program.

Q: How much does the program cost? There is no charge to either the department or managers in their first 3 years of management who are participating. The cost to deliver this program is approximately $2,500 per participant, all of which is funded by central Human Resources. If the participant has been in their role for longer than 3 years, $750 is payable to by employee or unit and the remainder will be subsidized by Human Resources.

Q: What happens if a participant needs to withdraw from the program due to either personal reasons or due to an increasing workload? Can they be re-admitted? The e-learning portal, which houses the program resources and workshop schedules, is open to participants for a year starting from the date of registration. Once access is granted, participants are free to navigate the program according to their needs and workload for one year. Unless a participant is no longer in this role, there is no need to withdraw. This said, if at the end of the first year, participants would like to prolong their membership, they can email the Program Manager for more details.

Q: Is this program available to any other staff besides those in the Management & Professional group? No. We had to define a specific group who would be eligible. As this program approaches maturity, we will be looking to identify other key groups at UBC who could benefit from the program offerings.

Q:This program isn’t what I’m used to. Could you explain more? The way the program has been constructed may feel a bit strange, however, in other contexts, we are quite familiar with it. Signing up for Managing@UBC is almost like signing up to a gym. Upon acquiring a membership in a gym, members receive an orientation to the facilities and an assessment of their physical condition and goals. The facilities offer members a number of different ways to reach their goals. They can use the free weights or muscle building machines either by reading the instructions or by asking a staff member to show it to them. If they want to focus on cardio they know where the cardio machines are. They can have access to personal trainers or connect with gym buddies to help with motivation or momentum. If they like classes, they can consult the classes schedule and attend some according to their interest and available time. The membership is open for a year and members can go as much as they want, depending on their goals and schedule. All of this is self-directed by them, and that is how Managing@UBC has been conceived. Like a gym which houses all of the equipment and programs available, the various learning activities are housed in the e-learning platform, and we’ll have a team to help participants navigate it.

Q: I’m at the Okanagan campus. Can my manager participate? Yes  managers at UBCO may join the program and benefit from all the on-line components. Live events held in Vancouver are open to them as long as they find it convenient to travel.  UBCO also offers a similar Managing@UBC Program through their Learning and Development Team.

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