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Have you just hired a new manager or want to support a long serving manager?

A managers success is directly impacted by how easily they are able to navigate their way around the UBC environment, (both locally and university-wide), how quickly they start to develop solid, supportive relationships with staff and other colleagues in the department, and how well they are able to integrate what they already know with new information need to learn.

A Program to Support Managers’ Success

To take some of the weight from your shoulders in helping a manager become successful, we’ve created a program called Managing@UBC. Managers will feel engaged, connected, and confident in their role and better suited to deal with the day-to-day operations of your business. We’ve developed this program as one of the initiatives to support the Focus on People strategy to Foster Leadership and Management Practices, because we recognize the key role these individuals play in providing the kind of leadership and management culture that nurtures and engages people’s creativity and grows their capacity to initiate.

A Program Designed to Be Inclusive

You may be surprised that almost 200 new managers are hired annually at UBC. To help support the integration of this number of individuals into the larger organization, the Managing@UBC program has been designed to partner with you, the Manager, in providing a number of learning resources to build knowledge and skills common to our work at UBC while still responding to the unique learning needs of each individual. This is achieved through a combination of self-directed learning opportunities that the manager can tap into – either in-person or online – and a supportive peer learning environment.

A Readily Accessible Program

Upon acceptance into the program managers will be able to complete a self-assessment, work with a program advisor to develop their learning path and access the online portal  with learning resources right away.  The online portal is a hub of information that is accessible through a password protected account.  The in person material will kick-off in the fall with the Jumpstart orientation workshop.

How You Can Partner

Your role in this program is key. We would like to partner with you in supporting your manager’s growth and development here at UBC. Should you wish to sponsor a manager’s involvement in this program, we invite you to download and complete the Learning Partnership Commitment.

Need More Information?

For more details on how this program can benefit your department and your manager, please take a moment to explore our web pages or contact us directly for more information. We’d be happy to hear from you, as your feedback will help us to shape the program.

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