Program Framework

The framework for Managing at UBC is based on a specific leadership model.


Any model is based on certain assumptions. This one starts with the idea that the act of managing requires an understanding of both management and leadership and a focus on both tasks and people. This leadership model organizes these aspects into 4 quadrants: leadership, management, people, and task.

Leadership Model

Within each quadrant of this model, there are 5 disciplines that can be practiced to achieve professional effectiveness. The Managing at UBC program is built to offer learning opportunities around these disciplines. New managers are invited to identify and practice the disciplines within each of the 4 quadrants as they determine necessary.


Some may already be experienced in many of the above disciplines; others may be new to these.  As part of the program offerings, participants will be able to create their own profile through a self-assessment exercise and select those areas in which they need the most support and assistance. From there, they can develop as a manager and nurture their own style.

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