Background & Governance

Historical Context

It is estimated that there are approximately 220 new managers each year at UBC. Many of these new managers are left to navigate UBC and their role without support. A Needs Assessment report was completed in 2007, outlining the challenges faced by new managers and including recommendations for the design of a learning program to support this group of individuals in their first year on the job.

Governing Body

The Advisory Committee for the project helps the design team to determine whether the decisions made with respect to program design, format and structure will be perceived as answering the needs identified during the Needs Assessment.

Advisory Committee

Purpose & Scope

  • provide organizational support and input to the Managing@UBC Pilot Program
  • provide unique perspective on the following so that the design team can test organizational readiness and communication plans:
    • objectives of the Program
    • curriculum design and learning agenda
    • overall shape of the Program
    • communication strategy
    • evaluation of the Program
  • advocate and actively support participation in the Program, and report to constituencies on the nature and progress of the Program
  • offer advice on potential funding models for the future

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