Applicant FAQs

Q: Why should I consider enrolling in this program?

The Managing@UBC Program will immediately add value by helping you respond to issues and questions you have as a manager. By participating in this self-directed yearlong program, you will understand your strengths as a manager, learn how to engage your employees, enhance your ability to take a coach approach, and be connected to a community of UBC leaders. Every participant co-develops a curriculum with an assigned program advisor.  Your individual learning needs will guide where you spend your time in the program, however, you have the option to select from online lessons, coaches, workshops, lunch & learns and studios.

Q: How will this program benefit my unit? My staff?

You will spend less time trying to figure out things and be more readily available to focus on unit goals and your team, (for which there are also plenty of learning resources within the program).

Q: I don’t quite understand how the program works. Could you explain more?

We anticipate that the way the program has been constructed may feel a bit strange, however, in other contexts, we are quite familiar with it. Signing up for Managing@UBC is almost like signing up to a gym. Upon acquiring a membership in a gym, you receive an orientation to the facilities and an assessment of your physical condition and goals. The facilities offer you a number of different ways to reach your goals. You can use the free weights or muscle building machines either by reading the instructions or by asking a staff member to show it to you. If you want to focus on cardio you know where the cardio machines are. You can have access to personal trainers or connect with gym buddies to help with motivation or momentum. If you like classes, you can consult the classes schedule and attend them according to your interest and available time. Your membership is open for a year and you can go as much as you want, depending on your goals and schedule. All of this is self-directed by you, and that is how Managing@UBC has been conceived. Like a gym which houses all of the equipment and programs available, the various learning activities are housed in the e-learning platform, and we’ll have a team to help you navigate it.

Q: How much time will this program take? How will I manage to fit it into my work schedule?

The program is self-directed to give you access to a variety of resources just when you need them. If you completed only the minimum components of the program, you would be committing to approximately 12 hours. Just as it doesn’t make sense to sign up for the gym and never work out, the more time you can dedicate to the learning program, the more value you will get from it. For example, some of the online learning activities take as little as 10 minutes or as much as 2-3 hours, depending upon whether you choose to do all the exercises in depth. Each of the workshops involves ½ day, but most are optional. All of the learning is designed to take place within a one year window. We invite you to discuss your workload with your supervisor, so that it can include some learning time.

Q: How much of the program will be offered online?

Accessing the e-Learning portal will be like logging into a fitness club for new managers. It’s like the reception desk that allows you to sign up for all the activities and provides the dates of sessions. It’s where the materials are distributed and the exercises that you can practice are held. Within the e-learning platform, you will find information, calendars, web links, and a library of resources that will cover most of the program content and you will also be able to work on your own at a time of your choosing.

Q: Are the e-Learning components accessible to me from any computer, anywhere, anytime?

Yes. To access the e-learning portal, you will need a cms account ( and will be able to access the portal any time from the Managing@UBC home page

Q: When do you accept new participants?

Applications for the 2019-2020 program will be accepted from February 4, 2019 until April 2, 2019 at 4:30pm. Upon acceptance into the program, managers will be able to complete a self-assessment, work with a program advisor to develop their learning path and access the online portal  with learning resources right away. Jumpstart, a core requirement will happen in the fall of 2019 and the programs Final Summit will be in June 2020. Please see Information for Applicants to confirm you meet the program requirements and then proceed to register here.

Q: How much does the program cost?

If you have been in your role for less than 3 year, there is no charge to either the department or manager participating. The cost to deliver this program is approximately $2,500 per participant, all of which is funded by central Human Resources.  If you have been in your role for longer than 3 year, $750 is payable to by employee or unit and the remainder will be subsidized by Human Resources.

Q: How do I apply?

We recommend you discuss your interest in this program with the individual to whom you report – if they did not refer you to the program beforehand. Once agreement is reached, view our registration page for details to proceed with registration.

Q: Is there a certain time frame in which I need to complete the program, and what happens if I am unable to fully complete it within this timeframe?

Your initial access window to the program is one year, and it is possible to renew your membership for additional time if you haven’t had time to explore all that it offers. But since the program is entirely self-directed, you decide the pace and level of completion that works for you.

Q: I am deciding between enrolling in this program or participating in UBC Coaching Services. Can you provide some insights as to how these two programs may dovetail with my career development?

These two programs are complementary. Both can be of tremendous help in your career development, and they can be accessed simultaneously.

Q: I’m at the Okanagan campus. Can I participate?

Yes you may join the program and benefit from all the on-line components. Live events held in Vancouver are open to you as long as you find it convenient to travel.   UBC-O has a similar Managing@UBC program that works from the same leadership/management framework. Visit the Okanagan Learning and Development site for more details.

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