Eligibility & Commitments

Your Eligibility

To find out if you are eligible for this program, please respond to the following questions:

  1. Are you in the Management and Professional employment group?
  2. Do you have staff directly reporting to you?
  3. Are you in your first 3 years of your management role at UBC?

If you answered yes to the first 2 of the questions above, you are eligible to register in this program.  Space is limited, with priority placement going to anyone within the first 3 years of their management role. Diversity, eligibility, and learning goals are included in the selection process.  If there is space remaining after the April 2, 2019 intake deadline, we welcome managers who have been in their management role beyond the 3 years. There will be a nominal fee of $750 for these participants who have been managers for over 3 years.


*This specifically refers to M&P staff with responsibility for recruitment and termination (excludes students).

Your Commitment

We understand how busy our managers are running the day-to-day operations of our university. For this reason, we have designed the program to be flexible and accommodating to your schedule and learning needs. We ask you to complete a self-assessment and work with a Program Advisor to develop your unique learning path. We also expect all participants to attend the Managing@UBC Jumpstart orientation, a Final Summit and complete a year-end leaderskills assessment. All other program components can be accessed at your convenience.

Involve Your Manager

Your supervisor may have been the one who directed you to this program. Or, if not, you may wish to discuss your interest in enrolling in this program as a means to foster leadership growth in your new role. We encourage your supervisor to review Supervisors’ Information to understand the benefits of having you participate actively in this program. To process your registration, we require that the two of you fill out a Learning Partnership Commitment Form

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