Workforce Analytics


The Workforce Analytics team is an experimental business-research unit which identifies new areas for exploration and novel discovery. Workforce Analytics is the practice of using human resources analytics to improve business decision-making. As a result of the large amount of data stored in our databases, there are emerging opportunities to access more meaningful information. The team provides consulting services, delivers regular reports, and acts as a bridge between units within HR and across the university.


Contact the Workforce Analytics team to discuss any of our service offerings, or for an overview of how workforce planning may be right for you.

Specific Functions

Consulting – Provide consulting services and formal project management in the areas of Strategic Workforce Planning and Workplace Analytics. Identify the client need, design or modify the appropriate model for service delivery, and advance the project under the appropriate trade-offs and expectations.

Metrics – Calculate employee headcount, including historic trends and cross-tab breakdown by several categories. Extend the reach of available data by designing queries, making data modifications, analyzing the data, and sharing data when appropriate.

Focus-on-People Benchmark Report – Prepare for submission to the Board of Governors and a public audience.

Employment Equity Report – Produce the written version of the report in liaison with UBC PAIR and the Equity & Inclusion Office. Recommend actions related to the human resource implications, including items such as on work culture, engagement, performance conversations, and recruiting. Advise on areas for future analysis.

Workplace Experiences Survey – Provide the core quantitative analysis of WES, including researching new findings, providing detailed reports to distributed clients, general interpretation, qualitative analysis of verbatim comments, and advising on data validity. Collaborate with partners to identify actions arising from the report and recommend new workplace behaviours.