Organizational Change Management

UBC has a number of resources available for  leaders and managers at UBC who are looking for additional support during times of organizational change.

Exploring Change – Identifying Needs and Issues

Our organizational development consultants are available to work with you as thought partners in identifying the scope of a change initiative. We have extensive experience in organizational change management and can support team leaders in the analysis, planning and identification of resources that may be required in a change initiative.

Group Facilitation

Organizational Development consultants are available to facilitate a group process to help a team or unit explore and identify what is important to them about the changes they are anticipating or undergoing – surfacing relevant issues, underlying assumptions, identifying change readiness and strategizing for results. Contact us at to discuss your unit’s needs.


Thriving in Change (a half-day workshop)

Change is normal and natural – how we respond to change and interact and support others affected by it can make all the difference. In this workshop participants will start by exploring their own attitudes and reactions to change, learn foundational models to broaden their appreciation of the change journey, and gain new tools and strategies for use in an interpersonal and organizational context.

This workshop is offered through PD@UBC for staff and faculty, and is also available by request for department- or unit-specific teams as a customized session.

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Leading Change (two half-day workshops)

This workshop is designed to give leaders a foundation in change management. The session introduces key theories of change, explores the role of communication in a change process and addresses issues and considerations in supporting team members though change and transition.

This workshop is offered through Managing@UBC for new managers, and is also available by request for department- or unit-specific teams as a customized session.

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Online Resources has several good resources focusing on organizational change management:

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Organizational Change Consultants: Preferred Vendors

UBC has complied a list of preferred vendors for organizational change management, through an RFP process. Vendors represent consulting firms that specialize in organizational change management consulting and are accessible to all departments and faculties.

Visit to see the list of prequalified change management services suppliers.