Consulting Services

Organizational Reviews

Organizational reviews provide an organization with recommendations on structure, effectiveness and efficiency. Reviews assist an organization with change by identifying and / or confirming strengths, opportunities, threats, and weaknesses. They also identify further training (such as leadership or team training) or organizational development activities that would benefit the organization.

Large Group Interventions

Large group interventions involve the whole “system” (internal and external to the unit or organization) in creating change. Interventions can allow units to plan and implement change quickly.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning allows a unit to generate specific strategies, plans, goals, and objectives to which the organization is committed, to ensure that the problems identified are resolved. Planning identifies strengths and weaknesses, both current and future, in relation to mission accomplishment in the organization. Strategic planning also identifies environmental factors that presently influence the organization’s effectiveness, forecasting their future impact.

Transition Planning

Transition planning gives a newly appointed work-group leader an opportunity to become familiar with group activities, goals, and individual resources. Transition planning also allows the incoming leader and the work-group members to share and examine working styles and preferred task methods.

Retreat/Focus Group Facilitation

Organizational Development & Learning consultants are available for facilitation of retreats, focus groups and other events.

Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry is a strengths-based approach to change that has been used successfully in small and large change projects. Learn more.

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