Workplace Learning Ecosystem


Today’s learning opportunities come in a variety of forms and styles, with something to suit every learner. UBC encourages all faculty and staff to further their professional and personal development by taking part in any of our learning and leadership opportunities.

Starting April 15th 2020, we will begin transitioning UBC workplace learning and internal training courses into one central place – the new Workplace Learning Ecosystem (WPL).

Access the Workplace Learning Ecosystem

Workplace Learning Ecosystem (WPL) is a one-stop online catalogue for UBC internal training and professional and personal development opportunities and programs. Starting in April 2020, you can search for, enroll, make and process payments (where applicable) and complete and track learning courses and training all in one place.

WPL is for UBC employees and supports UBC internal training and learning opportunities and programs including orientation, wellbeing, professional development and required courses.

Examples of Courses/ Training

  • UBC Onboarding
  • Safety training
  • Dept specific training
  • Role specific training
  • Professional and personal development
  • Career transitioning readiness
  • Health and Wellbeing workshops
  • Required/mandatory training


One Central Location

UBC onboarding, professional development courses, wellbeing workshops, and required training are housed together in one central location

Easy to use

Clear, modern interface makes it faster and easier to find, register, pay for, and track learning opportunities.

Simple search functionality

Now that all courses and training opportunities are in one place, you can find what you need much more efficiently and discover more options.

Intuitive common categorization

Courses and training opportunities have been grouped into common categories making it easier for you to find opportunities most suited to your needs.

Accessible records and reports

Quickly check to see what courses you have taken or are required to take and easily download a record of completion. Managers can also access reports to help ensure their team has received required training.

Integrated and aligned with Workday

WPL is designed to seamlessly align, integrate and update with Workday.

Simplified administrative processes

Registration, payment and record of completion procedures are simpler and carried out within WPL.