M&P Professional Development Fund

Funding is available to support professional development for Management and Professional staff at UBC.

For the purposes of this funding program “professional development” is defined as those activities that enhance the knowledge, performance or career progression of an employee’s work at the University.

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Claim Submission Update:

Current Funding Year: 2019-2020  (April 1, 2019 through  March 31, 2020)

Status of M&P Staff PD Fund:  Open to submissions for the current funding year.

If you have made a recent submission to the fund, you can monitor the reimbursement status of your claim through the Faculty & Staff Self-Service portal.  Claim details are provided via the “Staff PD” tab.

Maximum Yearly Claim Amount: The maximum claim amount for eligible staff is $550. This maximum amount is prorated if you work less than 50% part-time hours.

Regardless of the fiscal or calendar year in which your professional development activities take place, receipts must be submitted within 60 days of purchase to be considered eligible for funding. 

How to Apply for PD Funding Reimbursement

  1. confirm your M&P PD Fund eligibility and available balance in Faculty & Staff Self Service (Click the “staff PD ” tab to view your funding details);
  2. review the Guidelines for M&P PD Fund (PDF);
  3. pay upfront for your eligible PD activity or arrange to have your department pay upfront on your behalf;
  4. complete the M&P PD Fund Expense Claim Form
  5. attach receipts & required supporting documentation as described on the claim form;
  6. send or drop off the completed claim form by UBC campus mail within 60 days of your PD activity purchase date to:

Human Resources – Staff PD Funds
600 – 6190 Agronomy Road (Tef3), UBC
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3

We require your original claim forms and receipts. Please do not email in your claim.

How To Access PD Funds to Pay for a Professional Development Workshop offered by HR, UBC Vancouver

Please follow these special PD Fund application procedures to arrange a direct PD payment of your  Professional Development at UBC workshop fee  using your available PD funds. These special application procedures apply to workshops offered by HR at the UBC Vancouver campus. If you are attending a workshop offered by HR at the UBC Okanagan campus please follow the standard PD fund reimbursement procedures as outlined on the PD Fund claim form.


Management and Professional (M&P) staff, with AAPS membership, are eligible to apply for up to $550* in PD funding reimbursements each funding year. The funding year follows the UBC Fiscal Year (April 1 – March 31).

Individual funding requests are approved on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to the availability of the budgeted funds each UBC fiscal year. If overall funding is exhausted in any one year, employees will be notified that no further applications will be approved until the fund renewal in the following UBC fiscal year.

*Annual funding limit is pro-rated for staff working less than 0.50 FTE

When to Apply

PD Expense claims are eligible for submission to the M&P PD Fund as soon as the upfront payment has been made and must include receipts & any supplemental documentation required as described on the PD Expense claim form.

Claims must be submitted to Human Resources within 60 days of the original PD expense date of payment.

Claimable Expenses

Expenses must be related to professional development activities that enhance the knowledge, performance or career progression of your work at the University. The Fund may not be accessed for any other purpose.

Details on typical PD activities such as courses, workshops, conferences, professional journals, books, or memberships covered by the fund and a list of excluded expenses can be found in the M&P PD Fund Guidelines (PDF).

Professional development related travel expenses are reimbursed as per Policy FM8 – Business Expenses (formerly Policy #83) and related documents (local travel is not M&P PD Fund eligible)

Important Notes for Authorizing Managers and Applicants:

The M&P PD Fund does not cover job required professional memberships or training expenses. Please do not submit these expenses for M&P PD Funding support. Please refer to M&P PD Guideline 2.10.

Coaching Sessions: To qualify for M&P PD Funding support, coaching sessions must be provided by an ICF Certified Coach. The preferred level of certification is Professional Certified Coach (PCC) or above.

Approval & Reimbursement Process

The PD Fund Coordinator in UBC Human Resources will review your claim to ensure it is consistent with the purpose of the program, within available individual funding limits, and includes all required receipts and back-up documentation.

If you paid the upfront costs out of pocket, you will be reimbursed by direct bank deposit. If the upfront costs were paid by your department on your behalf, the PD Fund Coordinator will arrange reimbursement to your department by Journal Voucher transfer. If you applied your PD Funds towards a Professional Development workshop offered through Human Resources, the PD Fund Coordinator will arrange payment of your workshop on your behalf using your PD Funds.

In all cases, you will receive an approval/confirmation email once your claim has been processed.

The reimbursement process may take up to 15 business days.


Contact Cathy Faulconer, Workplace Learning Associate  pd.funds@ubc.ca, 604.822.6314.