MOST Development Workshops

Supporting Your Career & Personal Development

The MOST Program offers professional development workshops geared to enhance and improve your effectiveness at work, as well as to support your career and personal development.

Workshops are open to the community, with discounts available for UBC faculty and staff.


Professional development funding is available for members of some UBC employee groups.

Upcoming MOST Workshops

April 10 & April 17, 2015
Public Speaking: Presenting Yourself and Your Ideas Effectively (NEW two half-days format!)
Cost: $240

Knowing how to present yourself and your ideas confidently is essential to succeeding at work. This two-day work shop will cover basic presentation skills from building confidence, through organizing, and presenting. You will learn and practice how to present when you have very little time to prepare as well as how to organize and present a more formal speech. Whether you have taken a course before or are a true beginner, this friendly and relaxed course will give you the confidence to organize and present your ideas effectively.

May 1, 2015
The Joy of Conflict: Basics of Assertiveness
Cost: $130

Most people find it challenging to effectively set limits and assert their needs, be it with managers, staff, co-workers or clients. This can allow assumptions to go unchecked and irritations to build until they boil over in full fledged conflict. This workshop will provide you with the basic knowledge and skills to set limits in a way that minimizes defensiveness. Specifically, you will learn to differentiate between aggressive, passive and assertive behaviour, separate the person from the problem by being objective and descriptive, and ask directly for what you need.

May 8, 2015
Selection Interviewing: Ensuring Equity
Cost: $25
The interview is a vital step in the hiring process, so you want it to be as effective as possible. This workshop will focus on the essential skills of behavioural interviewing so that you can more effectively get to know your candidates and find the best fit for your team. You will also review current Human Rights and Employment Equity legislation and discuss the objectives of UBC’s policy on employment equity.

NOTE: This workshop is designed for managers and administrators at UBC who currently have responsibility for the hiring and selection of staff.

May 20, 2015
Appreciative Inquiry: A Way to Generate and Nurture Effective Work Environments
Cost: $215
With Appreciative Inquiry we learn to shift our approach to change by focusing on creating what we want rather than eliminating what we don’t want. We learn to ask questions (or to inquire) in order to explore creative possibilities (appreciative). If you believe or are intrigued by the statement that “we give power to the things we pay attention to” and want to make a positive difference in the workplace, this workshop will introduce you to:
a) the key principles of Appreciative Inquiry,
b) simple ways to shift from problem solving to possibility creating,
c) a language with which to phrase appreciative questions,
d) how you can apply the Appreciative Inquiry approach in your workplace.

Note: Cost of material included in workshop fee.

May 29, June 1 & June 2, 2015
Appreciative Leadership Development Program
Cost: $700
This program offers you the opportunity to enrich your understanding of appreciative leadership practices, inquire into how your leadership is perceived by others, and reflect on who you are as a leader when you are at your very best.

Discover the unique patterns, skills and talents that make you strong as a leader and recommit to your boldest leadership dreams to design a compelling path into the future.

Participants in this workshop will be introduced to and develop the five essential appreciative leadership skills:
– inquiry into strengths, values and positive possibilities
– inclusion of others in co-creating the future;
– illumination of the best of people and situations;
– inspiring hope for the future;
– and demonstrating relational integrity.

Design Your Learning Opportunities

Since 1993, an average of 1,000 UBC employees participate annually in MOST workshops. As we continue offering effective and meaningful workshops, we welcome your questions and recommendations for improvement. Is there a MOST workshop you would like to see offered more often? Is there a topic you would like to see as a MOST workshop? Contact Winnie Kam at the MOST registration desk at 604.822.9644 or to let us know your feedback.