Quick Help Guide for the Worklist

  • Transactions usually have both primary and secondary approvers defined.
  • As a primary approver you will receive an email when it is your responsibility to approve a transaction.
  • Secondary approvers do not normally get an email but rather are there as a backup in the event you, the primary approver, are not available.  Since secondary approvers may not receive an email, they need to be contacted by you, the transaction initiator or the approver of another approval step, to let them know that they need to do an approval.
  • As a primary approver, the email you receive contains a hyperlink.  Click on this hyperlink and provide your CWL credentials to log onto HRMS.
  • After you log on, you will be brought to the HRMS Worklist page.  The worklist contains a list of all transactions where you are either a primary or secondary approver.
  • IMPORTANT:  Unless informed otherwise, only approve transactions where you are the primary approver.
  • To view the details of a transaction, click on the transaction hyperlink.
  • A transaction may have multiple pages.  These are usually accessed via tabs or hyperlinks.
  • It is your responsibility to review the information on all the pages to determine the validity of the transaction.
  • When you have done this, locate the Approval tab or hyperlink.
  • On this page you can provide a comment, and then either Approve the transaction thus sending the transaction to the next approver in the chain, or you can Pushback/Recycle the transaction, sending the transaction back to the initiator.
  • The approval page contains a flowchart showing the progress of all approvals.
  • To view more transactions, click on the Worklist hyperlink near the top of each HRMS page.
  • If you are done reviewing transactions, you may sign out of HRMS.

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