Setting Up Initial Workflow Approval Rules

Note: If you have existing workflow rules that need to be changed, see the quick help guide for Changing Workflow Approval Rules.

To have your department specific rules entered into the system, you need to complete the following forms:

To set up initial workflow rules:

  1. Complete and scan the Workflow Rules Authorization Form.
  2. On the header of the Workflow Rules Spreadsheet, enter the following:
    • Department ID (4 characters)
    • Department name
    • Your name
    • Your phone number

    Note: To see examples of workflow approval rules, click the Example tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

  3. For each HRMS module, complete the appropriate steps by specifying the Name of the approver, Position Number, and whether e-mail notification is required (leave any non-required steps blank).
    Note: The FMS signing authority is set up in FMS by your FMIS Web Security Administrator:

  4. Save the spreadsheet.
  5. Send your completed Excel spreadsheet and scanned Workflow Rules Authorization Form to

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