Changing Workflow Approval Rules

Note: If you haven’t set up initial workflow rules yet, see the quick help guide for Setting Up Initial Workflow Approval Rules.

Before you can change existing workflow rules, you need to complete the following form and document:

  • Workflow Rules Authorization Form. This form must be authorized by the person who is responsible for the workflow approval processes in your department.
  • Workflow Rules Spreadsheet. This is a download of the 400_HRMS_WORKFLOW_RULES report into an Excel spreadsheet, modified to reflect the desired changes to the workflow rules (see #3 below).

To change existing workflow rules:

  1. Complete and scan the Workflow Rules Authorization Form.
  2. Run query “400_HRMS_WORKFLOW_RULES” and save your workflow rules in an Excel spreadsheet. For more information on running queries, see “Chapter 9” of the HRMS Navigation and Employee Inquiry Guide.
  3. Modify your rules in the spreadsheet as follows:
    • For changes, overwrite the existing value with the new value and highlight the cell in yellow. For example, to change an approver, overwrite the existing Position Number and Name with the updated Position Number (not the Employee ID) and Name and highlight the cell in yellow.
    • For new steps, insert a new row, enter the appropriate values, and highlight the entire row in yellow.
    • To remove a step, highlight the entire row in red.
  4. Send your completed Excel spreadsheet and scanned Workflow Rules Authorization Form to

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