HRMS Overview

Some common terms used to refer to our system

  • HRMS – The Human Resources Management System – The system into which all hired UBC employees are recorded.  This information is used to run the university’s payroll.
    • Position Management is used to define positions that are used to post jobs.
    • eRecruit is used to hire someone for a job that was posted.
    • ePAF is used to hire someone for a job that is not required to be posted.
  • FMS – The Financial Management System – The system into which all UBC financial transactions are entered.  Used to pay for goods and services, and compensate employees for out of pocket expenses.  It manages funding for PGs, and is like a banking system.
    Note: FMS works in conjunction with HRMS, but is a separate system.
  • Workflow – Transactions entered into the above 2 systems must be approved.  For transaction completed on paper, approvals are done via signature.  As we automate transactions, the approvals must be done electronically.  At UBC, we call this workflow.  The approver receives an email with a hyperlink.  The hyperlink takes the approver into either HRMS or FMS where they can see and approve a transaction on-line.  Valid emails are required to make this go smoothly.

Electronic approvals and the importance of
an accurate email address

If you manage funds, then you have a PG.  If you have a PG then you must be approving expenses (hiring employees, travel expenses, purchasing goods and services).  These and many other transactions are being automated (no more paper), and many others will be automated in the next few years.  At some point, it’s highly likely you will be required to approve an electronic transaction via workflow.

Regardless of the above, it’s still a good idea for us to have an accurate email address for you. This can be done through Self-Service. Also, once you are familiar with Self-Service, you can go there to update your personal contact information, obtain your T4 electronically, see your pay stubs, etc.

If you use either of these systems from a non-campus location (accessing Self-Service, doing approvals), then you must install and run the VPN software first:

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