HRMS Workflow

Most transactions entered into HRMS must be approved electronically. At UBC, this process is called workflow. To find out common terms related to the HRMS workflow, check out our HRMS Overview.

Workflow Approval Rules

Approvals are routed according to the rules defined for your department, as well as some mandatory central approvals dictated by UBC signing resolution policies or union collective agreements. Each department must define the number of approval steps appropriate for them for each transaction.

Workflow Approvers

You get requests for approvals via email or by logging into HRMS and checking your Worklist. For more information on understanding the Worklist, see the quick help guide for Worklist.

For more information on approving transactions in a specific module, see the following quick help guides:

For more information on delegating approval duties to another person, see the quick help guide for Delegation.


If you encounter an error when submitting an approval transaction, check out our Error Explanations page which describes the reasons / solutions for common errors.

If you encounter an error on a Financial Signing Authority approval step, contact your departmental FMIS Web Security Administrator to have this problem fixed.

Additional Resources

  • To find out answers to commonly asked HRMS workflow questions, check out our FAQ.
  • To find out about recent enhancements, check out our Enhancement List.
  • To find out how HR / processes were originally automated, check out our Background page.


  • If you have a workflow-related issue,┬ácontact the HRMS Workflow Administrator at
  • If you are unable to access the system, contact the HRMS Security Administrator at

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