HRMS Operating System / Browser Compatibility

The following web browser / operating systems combination are supported for HRMS access (an X indicates the combination is supported).

If you do not see your browser/operating system listed here, that means it is not supported. You may still be able to apply, but the supported browser/operating system combinations below will provide a more stable experience.

Browser /Operating System Win XP Win Vista UNIX Mac OS X Mac OS 9 Mac OS X
Tiger (PowerPC)
Mac OS X
Leopard 10.5.x
Mac OS X
Leopard (Intel)
Internet Explorer 8 X X
Internet Explorer 7 X X
Internet Explorer 6 X
Firefox 3.5 X X X X
Firefox 3.0 X X X
Firefox 2.0 X X
Firefox 1.5 X X X X
Mozilla 1.7 X X X X
Safari 4 X X
Safari 3.0.4 X
Safari 2.0.4 X
Netscape 7.2 X X X X X
Netscape 8.1 X

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