HRMS Access

Basic HRMS Access (Self-Service and Approver)

Basic HRMS access is usually provisioned automatically and no special action is required. This includes:

  • Access to Faculty and Staff Self-Service to update contact information, review and print pay stubs and tax slips, create and monitor job applications, etc.
  • Access to electronically approve HRMS transactions.

To ensure provisioning happens successfully:

  • You must have a CWL account.
  • Your employee ID must be attached to your CWL account.
  • To confirm this, log into your CWL account.
  • Once everything is in place, HRMS provisioning should occur within 24 hours.

Access HRMS via the Management Systems Portal at

Apply for HRMS Access

Applying for access is only required if:

  • You require access to admin applications such as eRecruit, ePAF, Position Management, the Sick Leave system or to view employment records for your faculty and staff.
  • You require access to approve HRMS transactions but you weren’t provisioned for this automatically (as per basic access instructions above).


Cancel HRMS Access


  • When a person terminates, retires or goes on leave, HRMS access will be automatically de-provisioned (see here for more information on de-provisioning and for information on grace periods).
  • In all other circumstances (eg: employee moving to another department), complete an HRMS Access Request Form to remove access.
  • In the upper right corner of the form, enter the employee’s CWL ID and select the Delete Access checkbox.
  • Print, sign, and send the form to Human Resources or email to

Note: It is extremely important that this happens as quickly as possible.