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PD Opportunity: UBC IT Talks: Leading Change in a Digital World (April 29, 2016)

PD Opportunity: UBC IT Talks: Leading Change in a Digital World (April 29, 2016)


On Friday, April 29, 2016, join a distinguished panel of speakers from UBC, Gartner, and CopperLeaf Technologies for a panel discussion on working effectively to manage change in today’s digital world. Hear real-world stories of successful change management tactics and discover new strategies for influencing rapid, profound, and sustainable change. More information available at

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Information Security Standards now available for review

Please share this with your staff and faculty

Oliver Grüter-Andrew, Chief Information Office, has requested feedback on the drafted Information Security Standards. As part of the University’s continuing investment in improving UBC’s information security, a complete set of Information Security Standards for the university has now been drafted following a six-month consultation process. The Standards will be finalized on August 15th, after a period of community review.  Feedback on a model for an implementation roadmap is also appreciated. Information about the standards and the implementation roadmap can be found at .

Please provide Policy  feedback  by July 18th on the contents of the Standards and proposed implementation roadmap so any necessary changes can be made before these documents are published in final form on August 15th.  This information can be provided via  feedback form or by email to


Information Security: Phishing and Fradulent Emails

For HR Administrators

“Phishing” is the act of attempting to acquire information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in email communications [Source: Wikipedia].  At UBC, recent fraudulent emails have been circulating asking for CWL information. UBC IT, nor any other UBC entity, will ask for your CWL information through email.

UBC IT has a procedure in place if you, your staff or you faculty receive a suspicious email. Visit to learn how to report  a suspicious email, or to read about recent phishing attempts on UBC servers.

If you think you may have submitted your UBC CWL or login account credentials to an illegitimate site, go to myAccount ( to change your password immediately. Also please forward a copy of the email including full headers to and advise of the possible breach of your account.

Information security is everyone’s responsibility. Educate yourself about helping to keep the information safe for everyone in the UBC community, by visiting the UBC Information Security Office‘s homepage.

Security Awareness Training

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UBC IT has licensed a security awareness training program for all faculty and staff, available online with your CWL. The entire series of training videos will take approximately one hour to watch, and is divided into 21 segments that you can take in different sessions.  The course reviews privacy and security issues relating to topics such as encryption, passwords, social networking, wireless security, and telecommuting; all issues of importance to all faculty and staff at UBC.

UBC Information Technology Security Awareness Training



Cyber Security at UBC

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In today’s world, our personal and professional lives are more public than ever before. Personal Information (PI) pertaining to payroll, health, credit cards, and much more is collected, stored and accessed on a daily basis here at UBC. We all have a responsibility to protect such highly confidential data that we handle. As information security is frequently perceived to be a challenging issue, we are embarking on a campaign to raise the profile of Cyber Information Security Awareness; this will help inform you about what information security is and what your responsibilities are in protecting the information you handle at UBC.

To facilitate this, UBC Information Technology, UBC’s Office of the University Counsel, and UBC Risk Management Services have prepared information security tips and resources, in addition to holding information security-related events across campus. We encourage you to visit UBC’s Cyber Security Awareness Campaign website to learn more about how to protect your information and the information of others.

Cyber Security Awareness Campaign and Contest site:

(Note: The quiz should be back up by midday on Nov. 18 – please check back to take the quiz)

UBC is having a contest to give away a 16GB iPad mini, a 500GB Apricorn Aegis Encrypted BioDrive and other items to UBC employees who successfully complete the  Cyber Security Awareness Quiz by Nov.29. Details and rules are on the Cyber Security Awareness Campaign and Contest website.