Updates to student earnings code for NSERC USRA appointments

For those of you who will be preparing student appointments in advance of the summer semester, please be aware that NSERC USRA appointments for 2019-20 now use FEL as the earnings code, instead of the old RSG earnings code.

Updated information on student appointment earnings codes can be found at

If you have questions about student appointments, please contact your HR Associate.

Finance Support Program (FSP) – Online Training Tool for Administrators

Finance has developed an online training program to help demystify the steps of Staff and Student recruitment and form completion.  The training, which is part of the Finance Support Program – Payroll & Positions, is a combination of instructional videos, self-test questions, and an appendix that highlights key documents and useful links. This training tool is beneficial to anyone who is new to an administrator role or who has been in their position for a while.

To create an account on the Edx training platform:

The ‘Home’ tab in Edx has an orientation video about how to view the training material.

Questions about this training program can be directed to your HR Advisor, HR Associate or to Ray McNichol – FSP Program Manager.

Learn more about the Finance Support Program at (CWL authentication required).

New VP Finance: Andrew Simpson

For the HR Community of Practice

Andrew Simpson is UBC’s new Vice President, Finance. He begins his new role at UBC on June 22, 2015.

Mr. Simpson has 25 years of experience as a senior executive leading the finance and operations portfolios at major post-secondary institutions in New Zealand and Canada. He joins UBC from Victoria University of Wellington, where he had worked since 2009 as chief operating officer, implementing significant change in financial management practices and leading business planning for large-scale infrastructure projects, among other notable achievements.

Read the full release at

Lisa Castle’s Message on the Changes to HSE and HR

By Lisa Castle, Associate Vice-President, Human Resources.

On behalf of everyone in HR, I am excited to welcome the members of the Health  Promotions Programs unit into Human Resources.  While always part of my portfolio, the recent reorganization of the Department of Health, Safety and Environment will see HPP  transitioning into HR’s Total Compensation unit  under the leadership of Michelle Berner (Director, Total Compensation).

The reorganization of HSE was undertaken in order to better allow the university to increase its commitment to identify and manage risk across the organization. The new portfolio (including much of HSE, the Risk & Insurance group from Treasury, and the current staff from Risk Management) will report to Vice-President, Finance, Resources and Operations, Pierre Ouillet, and be headed by the university’s new Chief Risk Officer, Ron Holton. Mr. Holton helped UBC develop its existing risk management framework in 2009/10, and was most recently the Vice-President, Risk Management and Assurance Services, for VANOC.

While the transition period will be a challenging time for everyone, I believe that the end result of this reorganization will allow Human Resources and Risk Management to become stronger in their support of UBC’s Students, Faculty and Staff, and the organization generally.

I will miss my colleagues in the other units in Health, Safety and Environment, as they move into their new portfolio. We will continue to work together to move our portfolios forward, and I wish them every personal and professional success!